Partnership Announcement: CoinMarketAlert and PalmaBot

CoinMarketAlert, based in Crypto Valley, Switzerland, and PalmaBot, a Slovenia-German organization, joined forces to create a revolution in instant crypto trade execution. PalmaBot Executor is a mobile-first zero personal data Trade Execution platform for over 30 exchanges supporting +4000 trading pairs. CoinMarketAlert, one of the best crypto alerts providing platforms now enables users to execute trades with a single click as the alert notification arrives at PalmaBot Executor. 


Added value for everyone through this Partnership

The common vision towards the democratization of the financial industry leads us to develop fully automated possibilities that anybody can use. PalmaBot’s innovative technology solution enables CoinMarketAlert to be upgraded with trade execution, directly and instantly when the alert is received. 

“Define your trade strategy within the alert setup. Then just execute with a single click as the notification arrives. Prepare when you have time. React as soon as it happens.” says Jernej Vrčko, Co-Founder & CEO of PalmaBot

“No more wasting time searching for the right wallet or the right exchange before being able to execute when the alert is received.” says Bertram Seitz, Co-Founder of CoinMarketAlert

This partnership will bring crypto tracking and trading experience to another level, especially by providing users with more convenient and professional possibilities with investing and finance management.

PalmaBot Executor

PalmaBot Executor has everything a trader needs to be able to protect his portfolio in real-time, on the go. With real-time arbitrage opportunity finder and stop-loss, take-profit with trailing functionalities, it provides a complete trading tool with full automation possibilities at your fingertips. Read more about PalmaBot Executor here.


Since 2018, CoinMarketAlert provides Crypto News & Price Alerts, and Portfolio Tracking as a service to more than 25,000 crypto investors. This combination of products and services is tailored to attract and educate newcomers to the crypto world. 

For this occasion, CoinMarketAlert has prepared a gift for you. In case you want to use some of the other features besides forever FREE alerts. Use this coupon for a monthly GOLD subscription: UE2gYe


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