CoinMarketAlert developments, new features, and business updates

18 November 2020

Platform Developments:
Multiple Portfolios within same account.

Add asset to portfolio when creating alerts.
Home and static page redesign and back end admin upgrades in progress.

Team Updates:
Please welcome Barbara Steinberg as our new Chief Marketing Officer.

15 October 2020

Platform Developments:
New functionality in alerts: Direct routing to the portfolio manager when creating alerts.

New features in portfolio manager:
We’ve made it easier access to view/edit/delete features directly in the Profit & Loss Matrix.

The new Sale button allows you to enter in an asset sale while maintaining the P/L records.

AirDrop Support – You can not enter zero (0.00) in the purchase price field when entering an airdropped asset.

Business Developments:
Media Partnership with Finance Media

Payment Gateway Agreement signed with Bitcoin Suisse (More details to follow soon)

1 October 2020

Platform Developments:
PalmaBot Release. With CMA Trade Execution, receive the alert and execute your predefined trades with a single click or customize order placement!
On 30+ exchanges in real-time with execution precision and security by design – Store Your API keys on Your Local Device.
Connect CMA Trade Execution to Automate or Manage order placement on the GO with trailing functions and arbitrage opportunities – in real-time!

Learn More:
Steps to connect PalmaBot:

About PalmaBot:

Partnership Announcement:

25 September 2020

Platform Developments:
Reformatting price alerts for more ease of use
Home page changes
Redesigned High/low Alert and Trailing Stop Alert

Business Developments
New Media Kit Published

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