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How to get featured/publish on CoinMarketAlert

Recently we launched CoinMarketAlert NFT. One of the utilities of our NFT which will interest founders, CEO, project owners, and content writers the most is the NFT that allows you to publish press releases, articles or announcements on our website. There is no need to pay a fee per article.

Although there are restrictions, CMA NFT allows you to publish several articles.

CoinMarketAlert NFT

Minting Info: 

To make the minting process easier for our users, we have created two ways to mint CMA NFT. You can easily mint with Solana (SOL) or a credit card.

Link to mint: coinmarketalertnft

Mint Price:  2.5 Solana or Mint with credit card ($78.00 est.)

After Minting a CoinMarketAlert NFT

  • We will review your article and publish it within 48 hours.
  • Once published, we will send you the article link.

Here are other irresistible benefits of our NFT

Publishing Restrictions: 

•Article should contain at least 500 words.

•Contents can be in any language.  

•You can add do-follow links in addition to images/videos to your article.

•We accept all forms of articles except sexual-related content or ads.

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Plus, holding our NFT gives content writers access to another new syndication channel which allows them to increase their revenues by offering their customers a website to publish their articles on.


Holding CMA NFT will improve your brand image.

•Holders have a new publishing platform at will.

•You get VIP access to all our services.

•Content writers will not only earn money through writing, but they can also resell publishing on CMA as they see fit. 

• By holding the NFT, you get a new revenue model.

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