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The ASTL investment project is perhaps the only startup of its kind that already now offers investors of any level the opportunity to invest in AI-based multi-mining. With the fall of the cryptocurrency market and the possibility of a new “crypto winter”, new investment projects have emerged in the field of building data centers based on advanced technologies, such as the use of intelligent power management, improved stable intelligent maintenance of the mining pool, and processing requests of various blockchain protocols. Such unique projects become very attractive from the point of view of investment from the very moment of their foundation. If, in addition, the active use of the competitive advantages of eco-mining is implied, as in the case we are considering, then such projects are not only valuable, but also a guaranteed return on investment, and are highly valued by all market participants.

One of such advanced, in terms of using the latest technologies, is the ASTL investment project. This is an infrastructure project based on partner investments in the production of various cryptocurrencies in newly created specialized data centers. Currently, the project offers its users the opportunity to invest in AI-based multi-mining, while providing a very, very high level of ROI.

The ASTL Token project from the investment company Astol Advanced Limited (Hong Kong) is an infrastructure project based on partner investments in the production of various cryptocurrencies, operating on the principles of AI management both in terms of servicing blockchain requests and in terms of distributing computing power, and with initially planned use only “green” energy sources for multi-mining and intelligent energy management.

The main goal of the project is to provide a simple and understandable quick access to the receipt by each investor of a constant fixed income from the extraction of new types of cryptocurrencies for investors of different levels of training, from beginners to professionals. At the same time, the startup promises to become very highly profitable – even with minimal investment, annual ROI is now 14%, and payments are made regularly and in a stable cryptocurrency – USDT. With large investments, ROI can reach up to 20% per annum.

By investing in the ASTL project, investors can expect that their investments will be directed both to the creation of new mining centers and to the expansion of the fleet of devices operating on completely unique principles of energy management and AI-driven data processing developed by ASTL project employees, and will bring absolutely stable and very high profits to both investors and the ASTL project as a whole. So, for example, at the moment a new data center is already being created on the basis of the Kalinin nuclear power plant (Tver, Russia), which will allow not only to minimize energy costs by ensuring its uninterrupted supply, but also to organize our own mining pool based on modern ASIC devices.

Despite the fact that the project is still quite young, it is based on a very solid base that allows you to make payments to investors, including the founders of the project and its employees, starting from the very first hours of receiving investments. So, already now the ASTL project actually owns innovative technologies in the field of rational distribution and storage of energy, having invested part of the funds in the purchase of the ARNO (Art-Nano) project – the owner of unique know-how in the field of energy storage and distribution.

The basis of the project is both future own data centers and master nodes of various cryptocurrencies and a constantly replenished fleet of computing power for mining (for expansion of which additional investments are periodically required), using the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and its own “green” energy. The ASTL token is the key product of the project and the link between professional equipment and the end user. Each token is backed by a portion of the computing power of the ASTL project’s device fleet. Thanks to this, the token provides its holders with quick access to a stable income. Thanks to power management and computing power managed by artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining becomes 25-30% more profitable than when investing comparable funds in comparable projects.

The ASTL Token project, unlike many others like it, does not provide anyone with the opportunity to allegedly purchase a piece of ASIC or GPU miner or its power. Astol Advanced Limited is not engaged in cloud mining. It does not promise payouts based on any “distributed” mining power or the total mining hashrate of a particular cryptocurrency. The uniqueness of the project lies in what the guys from Astol do for themselves and their users and what they see as the main task of ASTL – to give their users a unique opportunity to receive a stable passive income in USDT, depending only on users and their investments.

Despite the youth of the project, ASTL is confident that in the future, when the project passes the ICO / IEO stage and listing on large centralized exchanges, its cost, depending on the project capitalization, will be much higher than at the start.

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