Benefits of holding the CoinMarketAlert NFT

CMA Crypto Alerting NFT

Established in 2017, CoinMarketAlert is a platform providing 250K+ Crypto Alert Options & Portfolio Tracking. Crypto Price/News Alerts and Crypto Portfolio Tracking As A Service. Our goal is to help new and experienced cryptocurrency and NFT investors protect their investments by providing the best price alerting and portfolio tracking tools.

With over 13,000+ Crypto coins and tokens, tracking your investments and keeping up with all market moves and developments is very challenging. One of the most frustrating parts of monitoring cryptocurrency investments is obtaining quick, accurate, and timely information. CoinMarketAlert has solved that problem for you with its innovative crypto portfolio tracker platform.

CoinMarketAlert NFT Utilities:

Crypto Market Change Alert
Crypto Alerting NFTs owners have unlimited access to all existing and future tools.

Holders join a growing community of users and unlock unlimited access to all existing 250K+ Crypto Alert Options & Portfolio Tracking and future tools. (See Roadmap)

Holders get an alert of technical analysis done on some selected coin, token, and NFT up to 10 times a month.

Our NFT holders will not only have VIP access to all our services for free but will also receive 500 CMA coupons which they can give out to their community, family, and friends, with this they can also use our service for 60 days.

Holders receive first access to new features and tools.

Holders will be able to vote on new features.

Holders can publish articles on CoinMarketAlert to promote their projects or to support other blockchains, nft, crypto projects, and services. (restrictions apply).

Holders receive access to the CoinMarketAlert Discord Alpha Channel. Holders receive whitelist access to partner NFT and Crypto projects.

CoinMarketAlert NFT Pass
CoinMarketAlert NFT Pass Mint is live

Minting Info:
NFT can be minted with SOL or with a credit card.
We will do a variable price mint: 

Week 1 (8 -14 August):  1 SOL 

Week 2 (15 -21 August): 1.5 SOL

Week 3 (22 – 28 August): 2 SOL 

Week 4 ( From 29 August): 2.5 SOL

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