How 8.Finance Can Benefit You Personally

The easiest way to earn crypto: Play-to-Earn

What are actually play-to-earn games? These games reward people who play the game & spend time in it with tokens or NFTs. Nowadays P2E games are more or less mainstream, you can find these games in practically every metaverse or digital ecosystem. The main reason for the play-to-earn games is to earn tokens that could be converted to real fiat money and having fun at the same time!

Play-to-earn games have become very popular, so right now many people just perceive games as a way to gain money, not just a way to have fun. We decided to change the story, adding even more meaning to our game.

Play-to-earn with 8.Finance: Snake for Crypto

What is Snake for Crypto? It is a well-known snake-like game. In Snake for Crypto you can collect not just game points, but tokens as well: 8F tokens and cryptocurrencies of other projects. This way, we give users the opportunity to get acquainted with projects and their tokens in a game format.

In our game Snake for Crypto you can learn about new projects and get tokens for it, with which you can interact and understand the mechanics of these projects by enjoying Snake for Crypto. This system is involving and effective for you to learn more!


  • Easy. You don’t have to be a experienced trader to play
  • Cryptocurrencies that you have gained can be easily transferred to your account

Check the demo of our game here.

In some way 8.Finance works like a launchpad, that conducts airdrops for other projects with their tokens. We put in the game our tokens and tokens of other projects — and you get your income in the game. You can just play and earn by yourself! Of course, it is always much more fun with friends 🙂

What is the 8.Finance DeFi platform?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) — in simple words, it is an analog of classical finance for the Internet. But the role of banks, governments, and intermediaries in the real world is played by programmable smart contracts. This allows DeFi to be more transparent, fast, and private. And of course — profitable, due to low commissions.

8 Finance is developing 3 DeFi services that will be easy to use.

  1. To exchange crypto

DEX stands for a decentralized crypto exchange where you can exchange crypto. It’s really very simple and intuitive.

2. To create passive income by staking

Staking tokens will be users’ first DeFi experience. For those who believe in 8.Finance and HODL $8F no matter what, it is possible to stake more $8F tokens over time.

3. To create passive income by farming

You provide liquidity to the farming pools and get rewards in 8F token. This process is called “farming”. So you can earn from 10% to 1000% per annum. Farming requires more manual operations, but even a grandmother can still set it up.

What is the 8.Finance DAO platform and Metaverses?

What is The Safest Launchpad? It is a decentralized platform where teams can gain funds for their ideas and projects. Why is it so different from other competitives? On The Safest Launchpad, projects get investments from industry experts and users that are really involved in the idea, because we use a very interesting gamification: people, who know the project better, can have more allocation and have more income in the end. Here users can learn how to invest money in new startups using our platform, The Safest Launchpad, so that they grow their knowledge with us from beginners to crypto investors.

Moreover, we reduce risks for investors. How do we do it? Well, let’s begin from how it usually is: a project team gets all the money after the fundraising and no one knows where this money is going. This is the reality. We decided to change the rules: money that is raised doesn’t go to the team right away. Investors and experts (if they are investors as well) are united in DAO to divide the project into stages and decide how much money is going to be transferred to the team in every stage.

One of the features of the metaverses is the infinity of options. Users can spend crypto that have been collected in our 8.Finance MetaFi Marketplace and upgrade their computer heroes. Our MetaFi Marketplace is very easy to entry. MetaFi Marketplace is a platform where players from e.g. CS:GO, GTA Online and Roblox can sell in-game items for cryptocurrencies and then use them to buy items and assets in Decentraland and The SandBox. Our bridges between the conventional and crypto-universes will open up many new opportunities for gamers.

How to benefit from a project in the early stages?

At the moment, 8.Finance is in its early development stage. What it means for investors and users:

– Get early access to the community with bonuses, airdrops, giveaways;

– Apply for Private Token Sale as an early supporter and the chance to invest in 8F tokens at the lowest possible price;

– Take part in the Ambassador program, promote 8.Finance, and earn your share of the pie;

– Join the earliest Community Airdrop right now — details in our social networks below.

With its thought-through tokenomics, developed Go-to-Market strategy, and a whole variety of cryptocurrency services, 8.Finance aims to reach millions of users. Support us in our struggle to make crypto fun and accessible, subscribe to socials, and join the 8F community:

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