World Crypto Conference 2022 for the first time held in Zurich, Switzerland

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For the first time, the privately organised cryptocurrency conference – World Crypto Conference 2022 – will take place between 13-15 January, 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland. This time with an opportunity for participants to discuss the following key topics: the future of NFT, Metaverse and DeFi. 

The World Crypto Conference aims to enable attendees to buy a NFT ticket, whether they’re a large sponsor or someone joining for the first time. Organizers made the decision to create a NFT ticket collection – to represent the changing environment of the business world towards Web3. 

We believe that the future ticketing systems for any exclusive events will be provided as NFTs. Our goal at WCC 2022 is to use our network to bring more people to Web3 and help people exercise the benefits of the ownership economy. 

To facilitate this change in organization, WCC is looking for a partner to issue the NFTs. “We believe that within the next 5-10 years, most of the services will be decentralised. The transformations towards the ownership economy will not only affect the financial markets, but move to all other areas of businesses: hospitality, insurance or even the gastronomy industry. We believe more and more services will be run on behalf of decentralized platforms” – comments the organizer of the event Gabriele Pauliukaite. 

The key panels will cover topics like: use cases of NFTs beyond art, real estate tokenization or wealth management with trading bots. The Conference will also include a pitch competition for new startups in front of well known VC’s and investors from Switzerland and from all over the world.

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