Why You Need A Crypto Alert App: 7 Benefits Of Keeping Track Of Crypto Prices

Due to high volatility in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies, there is always a need to keep track of your portfolio in order not to miss a market move. Crypto alerts apps allow you to catch the dip and sell for a high price. If you are a crypto enthusiast who has missed out on a juicy trade, Do read further as this article will expose you to various reasons why you need a crypto alarm app.

Using a crypto alert app can provide several advantages for monitoring and keeping track of crypto prices. With this app and other web based crypto monitors, you can track and receive cryptocurrency alerts in real time. These benefits include:

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Real-time price updates: With real-time monitoring, you can stay informed of any changes in the crypto market. Crypto alert apps or websites create a convenient way for traders and investors to stay updated on the crypto market, without having to manually check prices at all times.

Customizable price alerts: Trying to monitor an open position could be challenging. Crypto portfolio trackers can be used to set alerts for specific cryptocurrencies to be notified when the price reaches a certain level, allowing for informed investment decisions.

Portfolio management: You can easily manage and put your portfolio health into with crypto portfolio trackers. Track your portfolio across several exchanges in one place to monitor the performance of your investments. Who wouldn’t love to see the performance of his holdings on one screen.

News and analysis: Most crypto trackers scout for the latest blockchain development, airdrop updates, crypto news and market analysis for their users. Thus keeping them informed about the latest developments and trends in the crypto market through this news and analysis. 

Improved decision-making: Keeping track of crypto prices can aid in making informed decisions when buying, selling, or holding.

Opportunities identification: Rapidly fluctuating bitcoin and other crypto prices can be hard to keep up with, but crypto alerts can help you spot opportunities for quick decision making.

Diversification: They can be used to diversify your investment portfolio by monitoring different crypto options. Why glue your eyes to the screen again?

How to set up and use a crypto alert app and websites.

To get alerts on crypto prices directly to your devices, here is a step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use a crypto alert app and web based crypto trackers.

Download the app: Search for your desired crypto alert app in the App Store or Google Play store and download it to your device. Coinmarket cap, blockfolio, kubera are some options you can select from.

Create an account: Open the app and create an account by providing your email address and password. Some apps require a phone number for verification.

Add your portfolio: Once your account is set up, add your portfolio by entering the name of the cryptocurrency and the amount you own.

Set alerts: Go to the alerts section of the app and set alerts for the cryptocurrencies you want to track. You can set alerts for specific price levels, percentage changes, or other events. 

Choose a notification option: Go to the settings section and customize the notifications you want to receive. For example, you can choose to receive push notifications or email alerts. CoinMarketAlert provides alert notification options like Telegram, webhook, email, Email, Discord and Palmabot 

Track your portfolio: The final stage is to go to the portfolio section to see the current value of your portfolio and track the performance of your investments.

Hope the above guide assists you on how to get crypto price alert.

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Personalizing Crypto Alerts That Suit Your Needs.

Individual needs are an important feature of many crypto alert apps. Here are some ways users can customize their alerts:

Setting different alerts for different cryptocurrencies: Users can set up alerts for specific cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin, to be notified when the price reaches a certain level. This allows users to focus on specific cryptocurrencies they are interested in and make informed investment decisions.

Setting different price levels: Users can set alerts at different price levels, such as when a cryptocurrency reaches a new high or falls below a certain level. This allows users to know when to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency to maximize their profits.

Setting alerts based on percentage change: Users can set alerts based on the percentage change in the price of a particular cryptocurrency. For example, they can be alerted when a cryptocurrency’s price increases or decreases by more than a certain percentage in a certain period.

Setting alerts for portfolio: Users can set alerts for the portfolio value, for example, when the portfolio value reaches a certain level or when it increases or decreases by a certain percentage.

Setting alerts for specific market events: Users can set alerts for specific market events such as news, announcements, or upcoming events which could impact the price of a particular cryptocurrency. 

Frequency alert: Users can set the frequency of alert, for example, receive alerts every hour, every day, or every week. You get notified at your predetermined frequency.

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Crypto alert apps allow users to track and receive cryptocurrency alerts in real-time, providing several advantages such as real-time price updates, customizable price alerts, portfolio management, news and analysis, improved decision-making, opportunities identification, diversification, and multiple exchange support. These benefits can aid in making informed decisions when buying, selling or holding

and spotting opportunities in the rapidly fluctuating crypto market.

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