the cma token

CoinMarketAlert offers a utility rewards token called “CMA”

CoinMarketAlert offers a utility rewards token called “CMA” which power the CoinMarketAlert platform. The CMA Token is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and designed to be used by members of the CoinMarketAlert platform. Following this standard, CMA tokens will be easily transferable between users on ERC20-compatible wallets.


CMA Token Usage

The Token is designed to be used by members of the CoinMarketAlert for member subscriptions , and services and to unlock access to premium accounts, smart trading signals and dashboards within the Alerts Pool when released. Users will be able to create customized alerts, dashboards and kpi's and sell access to their customized alerts to other members and users of CoinMarketAlert in exchange for CMA tokens.

CMA token details

  • Token Symbol: CMA
  • Protocol: ETH
  • ICO: No ICO Conducted
  • Exchanges:IDEX, Token.Store, CoinPlace, Yibit
  • CMA Token Contract: View Here
  • Currency Symbol Image: logo2
  • Total Supply: 500m (500,000,000) CMA
  • Bounty/Staking Rewards/Airdrop: 350m (350,000,000) CMA
  • Company Operations & Development: 150m (150 000 000) CMA

How to get cma tokens?

CMA Tokens are distributed in two ways:
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    purchase cma tokens

    CMA tokens are trading on the following exchanges below with more exchanges coming soon.

    - IDEX,

    - Token.Store,

    - CoinPlace,

    - Yibit

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    CMA Staking Program

    For a limited time, stake (Hold) your CMA tokens and earn up to 10% staking rewards yearly. The first Staking rewards distribution starts on December 31st, 2018 and reoccurs every 30 days.

    view details here!



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Coin market alert Business Intelligence
(BI) Powered Smart Alerts

We are currently building data warehouses and KPI alarms to create smart alerts. Smart Alerts = BI + Alerts + Trusted Self Service. This will provide a very simple flexible system to enable users to define calculations of key values, build their own dashboards and calculated key indicators directly on the CoinMarketAlert platform.


CMA Alerts Pool

The Alerts pool is a place where premium users can build their own analytics and calculations based on our existing business intelligence and then sell their Smart Alert KPI's, to other users within CoinMarketAlet in return for CMA Tokens.

We feel that this is a perfect relevant network mechanism to build a successful platform. The Alerts pool will also allow users to share and advertise their "products" and ideas via social platforms. This will enable the user to increase their own “market value” and at the same time increase the value of the CoinMarketAlert platform and CMA tokens with every single tweet, shout, Steemit article and YouTube video.


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