the cma token

CoinMarketAlert offers a utility rewards token called “CMA”

CoinMarketAlert offers a utility rewards token called “CMA” which power the CoinMarketAlert platform. The CMA Token is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and designed to be used by members of the CoinMarketAlert platform. Following this standard, CMA tokens will be easily transferable between users on ERC20-compatible wallets and we have future plans to integrate it into major exchanges around the world for transactions.

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CMA Token Usage

CMA Tokens are a utility token designed to be utilized within the CoinMarketAlert platform for member subscriptions, advertising services and to unlock access to smart alerts and dashboards within the Alerts Pool when released. CMA tokens can also be used as credits for other services offered by Coin Market Group as listed in our roadmap below.

CMA token and ICO details

  • Token Symbol: CMA
  • Protocol: ETH
  • CMA Token Contract: View Here
  • Country: Switzerland
  • CMA Token Pre-Sale: June 20, 2018 – July 30, 2018
  • Pre-Sale Price: 0.025 CHF / 0.025 USD
  • Main Token Sale: July 31, 2018 – September 30, 2018
  • Main Token Price: 0.10 CHF /0.10 USD
  • Currency Symbol Image: logo2
  • Total Supply: 500m (500,000,000) CMA
  • Total Token for Sale: 350m (350,000,000) CMA
  • Alerts Distribution Pool Tokens: 95m (95,000,000) CMA
  • Operations & Development: 50m (50 000 000) CMA
  • Bounty Program: 5m (5,000,000) CMA
  • Exchange Listing:August 1, 2018 (TokenStore Exchange)
  • Payment Methods:BTC, ETH, Cash
  • Adjustments: Unsold & and unclaimed bounty tokens will be returned to the alerts distribution pool.

Pre-Sale Ends:



Pre-Sale Tokens Sold
Total Available

How to get cma tokens?

CMA Tokens are distributed in four ways:
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    purchase cma tokens

    Purchase CMA tokens directly from your account dashboard during the crowdsale period only. First, deposit ETH/BTC or Cash into your account and then purchase CMA tokens from the Buy Tokens page within your account. A total of 350 Million CMA tokens can be purchased. The CMA token price will be 0.025 CHF/USD for CMA Members and 0.10 CHF/USD for Non Members. Minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH.

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    Create Price Alerts

    CMA tokens are distributed to user when they create their favorite price alerts on CoinMarketAlert. Simply create an alert and then login to your account to see your CMA balance. Users with Premium accounts will receive 0.01 CMA Tokens, while users with Free accounts will receive 0.001 CMA Tokens per price alert created, up to a max of 20 per day for all members. In the future, Platinum level members will receive 0.06 CMA Tokens and Gold members will receive 0.03 CMA Tokens. Note: CoinMarketAlert reserve the right to modify the CMA alert rewards distribution amount based on the current CMA Token market price.

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    cma bounty program

    Earn CMA Tokens by participating in our bounty program. To claim your bounty, fill out the form located:Herefor each bounty completed. We will confirm and award CMA tokens to your CoinMarketAlert account once crowdsale is ended.

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    cma slot machine

    Win CMA Tokens by playing our slot machine game. Win up to 200 CMA per spin.

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cma token distribution by %


use of proceeds


15% Marketing

25% Operational Overhead

60% Platform Development

cma current & future accounts

Levels & Benefits



Already Used
and LiconVED
by over
almost 10,000 Members
and Growing
each day!


Coin market alert Business Intelligence
(BI) Powered Smart Alerts

We are currently building data warehouses and KPI alarms to create smart alerts. Smart Alerts = BI + Alerts + Trusted Self Service. This will provide a very simple flexible system to enable users to define calculations of key values, build their own dashboards and calculated key indicators directly on the CoinMarketAlert platform.


CMA Alerts Pool

The Alerts pool is a place where premium users can build their own analytics and calculations based on our existing business intelligence and then sell their Smart Alert KPI's, to other users within CoinMarketAlet in return for CMA Tokens.

We feel that this is a perfect relevant network mechanism to build a successful platform. The Alerts pool will also allow users to share and advertise their "products" and ideas via social platforms. This will enable the user to increase their own “market value” and at the same time increase the value of the CoinMarketAlert platform and CMA tokens with every single tweet, shout, Steemit article and YouTube video.


  • img2
    Andy Strebel
    CoinMarketGroup Crypto Mining Lead - IT Professional & Crypto Miner

    An experienced IT professional, manager and a leader with extensive knowledge of large-scale crypto mining operations who pays real attention to details. Andy manages the overall operations of Coin Market Group mining operations and services.

    More info
  • img3
    Roderick Warren
    CoinMarletAlert Platform Lead, PM, Crypto Miner, Certified Bitcoin Professional

    An Experienced IT professional and software development Project Manager. Roderick has In-depth experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT), crypto mining, blockchain integration, trading and Initial coin/token offerings. Roderick is also a C4 Certified Bitcoin Professional(CBP). Roderick previously co-founded StartupBlink - Global Startup Map.

    More info
  • img4
    Thomas Bärlocher
    Finance & Strategy

    Thomas holds a bachelor in finance with a minor in economics, over the years he has equipped himself with in-depth knowledge of various group finance function. In his current role with a global operating reinsurance company, he is responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the IT infrastructure used by the department.

    More info
  • img5
    Benjamin Abbenseth
    Investment & Strategy

    Ben has extensive experience in erecting E-Commerce structures. In his current job working for a Swiss manufacturing company, he has gained concise knowledge in project management & leadership which will be of immense importance to Coin Market Group in it’s journey to being a global brand. He is also currently leading a global project on channel and distribution management for a well known Swiss consumer brand.

    More info
  • img6
    Oliver Vrieze
    Marketing & Sales

    Oliver is an expert in sales and marketing; he has a masters degree in business. He currently works as an executive director of a global brand.

    More info
  • img9
    Areeb Majeed
    Web and Blockchain Developer More info

CMA Contributors

  • img13
    Janine Castle
    CoinMarketAlert Advertising Sales Manager More info
  • img10
    Alexandre Trottier
    Linux Fanatic, Blockchain Developer and Crypto Nerd More info
  • img11
    Dr. Eyongabi Carlson Ngwa
    Digital Transformation Expert and Lecturer More info
  • img12
    Elliyas Popatiya
    UX/ UI Designer and Creative Visualizer More info
  • DevWebx
    DevWebX Team
    DevWebX is an Enterprise Web & Blockchain Application development company More info
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Coin Market Group

CoinMarketAlert is owned and operated by Coin Market Group, a member of Crypto Valley Switzerland. Coin Market Group owns and operates various crypto and blockchain related services including crypto mining farms in Zurich, Switzerland.

CoinMarketGroup is located at - Blegisstrasse 5, 6340 Baar,Switzerland. Our Zurich area office address is Albisstrasse 8, 8134 Adliswil, Switzerland. To arrange a visit, please contact us at: [email protected]

In line with the roadmap to develop Coin Market Exchanger (CME), Coin Market Group requires crypto mining operations to generate various crypto coins that will be sold on Coin Market Exchanger. CME “We Mine Four You” will create a marketplace where buyers can request specific coins directly from crypto miners. CMA tokens will be utilized on CME.

Coin Market Index Data & Analytics will develop industry related reports and supply API’s and other developer tools related to blockchain and cryptocurrency pricing data.


10 Facebook CoinMarketAlert page like and post share on your personal
page or within a cryptocurrency related group with at least 2000 members.
10 Twitter CoinMarketAlert Page Follow & Retweet – Twitter account must beover 6 months old and have at least 100 followers.
10 Twitter Tweet with @CoinMarkertAlert and hashtag #CoinMarketAlert (max 1 time perweek). Twitter account must be over 6 months old and have at least 100 followers.
20 Telegram post about CoinMarketAlert and CMA tokens within a telegram groupwhich as a min of 100 members.
20 Bitcoin Talk CMA token ANN comment.
25 Reddit post about CoinMarkertAlert and CMA Coins.
50 Display a CoinMatkertAlert banner on your website for 7 days. Banner codes arelocated here:
50 LinkedIn post about on personal page.
75 Start our CoinMarketAlert Telegram price alert bot within your Telegram groupwhich has at least 50 members. There is be a min of 1 price alert arriving to yourgroup on a daily basis.
100 LinkedIn post and CMA tokens within a LinkedInGroup related to blockchain or cryptocurrency.
300 Publish an article on, LinkedIn or a blog about CoinMarketAlert andCMA Tokens (min 300 words).
300 YouTube video (at least 3 minutes long) about CoinMarketAlert and CMA Tokens. The Youtube account must have a min of 5,000 Subscribers
500 Embed the CoinMarketAlert Price Alert Widget on your website for 30 days.
1000 Get an article Published about CoinMarketAlert and CMA Tokens on a Top 100Cryptocurrency or news site. (Site with Similar Web Global Rank under 100,000).
3000 Get an article Published about CoinMarketAlert and CMA Tokens on a Top 50Cryptocurrency or news site. (Site with Similar Web Global Rank under 25,000).
5000 Get an article Published about CoinMarketAlert and CMA Tokens on a Top 20Cryptocurrency or news site. (Site with Similar Web Global Rank under 1,000).

To claim your bounty, fill out the form located: Here for each bounty completed. We will confirm and award CMA tokens to your CoinMarketAlert account once Crowd sale is ended.