These are the Cryptos to look out for in 2022

Since its launch as the world’s first-ever crypto, Bitcoin has produced extraordinary returns of approximately 60,000,000%. However, its pace slowed down significantly along with many other top cryptocurrencies by market cap last year. Needless to say, all digital assets carry potential risks due to their high volatility, but many investors prefer putting their money in Bitcoin and consider it safer, compared to altcoins. Nevertheless, as per market analysts’ views, the crypto giant might not produce the same gains now since BTC lost almost 15% recently and is continuing its downward trend to date. So, besides Bitcoin, which other digital currencies are worth keeping an eye on this year? Let’s take a look.

Ethereum coins

1.  Ethereum

Since last year, this digital asset has been able to sustain its position as the second-most prefered crypto to invest in. With a market cap of around $390 billion in the previous month, Ether is predicted to shift from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS), in order to enhance its sustainability and scalability.  Furthermore, experts predict Ether will rise by 400% in value in 2022, and it might reach the $10,000 mark. The continuous upgrading of Ethereum’s network to make it more eco-friendly should attract investors looking for sustainable coins, and this might be the primary reason to keep an eye on Ether this year.

2.  Dogecoin

The popular meme coin Dogecoin, which is currently trading below $0.20 per token, is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022. As per market analysts, the altcoin witnessed an upward journey beginning in January 2021, from $0.005 to almost $0.74 in July in the same year. Despite its slip by over 80% since last year’s highs, researchers suggest this altcoin to be one of the safest investments in the sector. For those looking to buy Dogecoin at a low, InvestingCrypto offers tight spreads and leverage starting at 1:200, allowing you to increase your equity significantly – a feature that is much-needed when trading crypto.

Dogecoin placed over a black background.

3.  BNB

Binance Exchange’s BNB is firmly standing in the top 5 highly dominant digital assets in terms of market cap. The only currency used to initiate transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, BNB has performed exceptionally well since its launch and has embarked on a successful path of 1-year and 5-year gains of 710% and 8,000%, respectively. You are not limited to taking advantage of BNB via Binance only; online brokers like InvestingCrypto, are offering a wide array of digital currencies, including the BNB coin, to help traders diversify their portfolios.

4.  Shiba Inu

If you’re looking to invest in trending cryptos in 2022, then Shiba Inu is the one for you. Shiba Inu, a year-old digital asset, increased its market cap to over $11 billion in this short time. Moreover, this crypto is not expensive, and it is currently trading at over 75% below its 52-week record. Under these circumstances, one can easily buy it at a favorable price.

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