Steps to connect PalmaBot EXECUTOR to CoinMarketAlert


  1. Install/login to your Telegram application.
  2. In Telegram, join PalmaBot chat-bot application
  3. Use command /xc to connect CoinMarketAlert platform.
  4. Copy {…} string under BUY or SELL.
  5. Switch/Login and configure your preferred alert in the Create Alert section.
  6. Under Notification Options, select PalmaBot and paste the copied {…} string in the field called “Callback Extra Parameters”.
  7. Select the Green Test button to ensure the connection is established.
  8. Select the Start Tracking button.


  1. When the first alarm is triggered on CoinMarketAlert, PalmaBot will notify the user with the possibility to AUTOMATE the strategy.
  2. If the user is in DEMO mode on PalmaBot, after automating the strategy, everything is SET.
  3. If the user is not in DEMO mode, the user must enter API keys for the specific preferred exchange. After that, everything is ready to go.
  4. Once, the next ALERT is received, the strategy will be executed automatically and the user will be notified.
  5. With each execution of an alert triggered from CoinMarketAlert, it is possible to DEACTIVATE automatic execution of the strategy. With this action, the next alert received will not execute the strategy automatically.


  1. The user can deactivate automatic execution and stop any selected strategy for every alert/signal received from CoinMarketAlert platform.
  2. Listing activated strategies within the PlamaBot Telegram bot, offers different ways of deactivating a strategy.
  3. Using the command /orders,  the user can view the history of executed trades.

Executor parameters explained – functionality inside {…} is supported

ALL parameters are passed as JSON when calling the PalmaBot webhook. Within CoinMarketAlert, the webhook url is already pre set and the user only needs to add the strategy (functionality inside {…} curly brackets ) in the Callback Extra Parameters field when creating alerts and selecting the PalamaBot Notification Option.

  • code*: User PalmaBot connection code, generated by PalmaBot
  • id*: unique strategy identifier
  • command*: BUY, SELL, ALERT
  • exchange*: exchange on where you would like to execute the trade
  • coinmarket*: coinmarket pair like (BTCUSDT)
  • amount*: the amount of coin to trade 
  • demo: set demo 1:on or 0:off – default = on
  • comment: your comment
  • name: name of your strategy 

*mandatory parameters

These parameters should be entered on CoinMarketAlert when setting new alerts and choosing PalmaBot Executor from the notification option drop-down in the next form:

code=YourPalmaBotExecutorCode strategy_id=MyStrategy demo=YES command=sell exchange=binance coinmarket=BTCUSDT amount=0.05

For demo mode (paper trading) use demo=YES

How execution works?

After (1) PalmaBot platform and CoinMarkerketAlert are connected and (2) The trade strategy is automated and users receive messages in PalmaBot Telegram application for every executed trade. If the command is: BUY, PalmaBot will execute an INSTANT BUY on the selected exchange, trading pair (coin market), and amount. After the trade is executed, it will show the result to the user.

Information on full PalmaBot Executor functionalities can be found here.

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