SmartOptions Launches Crypto Signals Shop

SmartOptions, a leading platform for bringing the best crypto signal reviews and performance reports, helps thousands of traders earn while they learn crypto trading. They’ve recently launched the SmartOptions shop, a platform where users can buy crypto signals memberships with ease.

The platform is integrated into the site and users can use it to buy and renew their membership plans with the discount codes already applied. This has made users’ crypto journey as smooth and easy as possible, eliminating the risk of scams. 

Launch Details

The SmartOptions signals webshop was launched on Monday, the 4th of April, 2022. They’ve started out by offering Verified Crypto Traders membership plans on the webshop. The shop is also set to offer Universal Crypto Signals membership plans from May 2022. The crypto signal options users can buy on the webshop will surely increase in the upcoming days. 

How Does it Work?

The SmartOptions webshop simplifies the process of choosing and buying a signal provider’s membership. It gives users direct access to a signal provider’s services. The sales take place through on the SmartOptions site. The platform is connected to a Telegram bot, so as soon as a user purchases a plan, the bot connects with them to lead them to the right channel.

It’s important to mention here that the sales through the webshop will be direct sales. They will be a direct transaction between users and the signal providers they purchase a membership from. SmartOptions acts only as a facilitator and provider of discount codes. 

Why Use SmartOptions Shop to Buy Signals Membership?

Helps Avoid Scams

The crypto signals market is a victim of a lot of scams. Fraudsters use similar websites and usernames as some of the best signal providers and try to reel in inexperienced users to buy from them and fall into their trap.

The SmartOptions shop gives users a secure way to purchase plans from real signal providers. The payment is made through a secure payment method and customers get a guarantee of service at all times.

Brings Convenience

The shop also eliminates the need for users to jump between sites to activate a subscription. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also increases the risk of scams. Plus, the shop also makes it easier for users to get discounts if they make a purchase through SmartOptions.

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