PLC Ultima: A Different Approach to Setting the Coin’s Price

We all know that the value of coins can go up as well as down but have you ever stopped to have a serious look into the reasons why? Most assume it’s all down to market confidence or some complicated algorithm in a cloud somewhere that computes its way to the correct value. There’s also the Bitcoin factor. Bitcoin is recognized as the barometer of the industry; therefore, when Bitcoin’s price rises or falls, the others tend to follow. So, it seems each coin’s value is in the hands of the crypto gods; there’s simply no way a coin can determine its own price, right?

Making a real difference

Founded by crypto visionary Alex Reinhardt, PLC Ultima or PLCU coin has already laid the foundations of a road that will lead the coin to a self-determined future within its own homegrown ecosystem. PLCU’s business model is the polar opposite of Bitcoin and the many copycats that have grown up in its wake. Rather than just another digital asset where speculative investors buy, cross their fingers and hope for the best, PLCU is entirely different.

The PLCU coin is designed first and foremost as a coin to be used. To support this, the company developed a range of innovative products to make using the coin daily both easy and provide a choice of earning opportunities for its large community of users. Currently, more than 1.3 million users across 120 countries are part of PLC Ultima’s constantly growing community, and it’s the combination of intelligent products and a loyal community that is the key reason PLC Ultima’s price is determined differently from the others.   

Innovation for everyday needs

Recognizing that to make its community want to use the coin for simple everyday transactions, the company developed the PLC Card. This card does everything a regular debit card can, such as paying for goods online and buying groceries at your local supermarket. However, there’s a twist; this card also has a dashboard that allows users to switch between fiat and a variety of other well-known cryptocurrencies, including PLCU coin, of course. With this multifunctional card the community can order pizza, trade in cryptocurrencies.

PLC Ultima has seriously delivered when it comes to offering its community the opportunity to earn extra income besides crypto trading. For example, the company created Platin Deal, a rapidly developing marketplace where entrepreneurs from around the world can buy and sell their goods and services. All businesses that register here instantly have access to PLC Ultima’s massive community. But it doesn’t stop there.

The company’s Ultima Farm platform is another opportunity to earn. Here the community can receive passive income simply by helping with the creation of new PLCU coins. The coins cannot be mined in the same way as Bitcoin or other altcoins; however, PLC Ultima’s process called “minting” is simpler, cheaper and far more environmentally friendly than mining. All that’s needed to start minting PLCU coins is a smartphone, and a smart contract is concluded between the company and the user.

If all this weren’t enough, how about a crowdfunding platform where the community can invest in new projects, raise money for a startup business and share ideas and expertise. Sound cool? Platin Hero is yet another tool where PLC Ultima’s community can exploit every opportunity to its fullest. Agreements are concluded in smart contracts on the company’s blockchain, and funds are stored in a secure digital wallet.

Community values

In addition to supporting its community with products, the company also does its part to help support the value of the coin by putting the community’s welfare before its own. The company burns 100% of its coins to not compete with its community for liquidity. And the company also freezes 50% of its coins for one year and reduces the production of new coins each month. These actions help to increase stability, build long-term trust with the community and confidence in the coin in general. In return, the community is happy and recommends that others use the platform resulting in a steady influx of new users.

All things considered, it’s a combination of all these factors that help define the price of PLCU coin. The company has created a mini economy nestled within the real economy where users concentrate on their business, side hustle or investments, knowing that the company is perpetually developing new ways to make their lives easier and make them money simultaneously. Even after the recent crypto crisis, which devastated the value of many coins, PLCU wasn’t affected to the same extent and has already grown by 30%. Who knows what price PLC Ultima will achieve a year from now?   

“Young” coin that managed to win over users

The PLC Ultima project was created by a team of specialists with over 5 years of experience in the field of blockchain and cryptography. In December 2021, PLCU trading on the exchange started from $0.10 and exceeded $100,000 per coin at the peak. The project has achieved such a phenomenal result thanks to the well-coordinated work of its team and the continuous search for competent technological solutions. And, of course,  you can’t forget the community that continues to believe in the coin and the project despite the circumstances which the global crypto market is facing now. 

At the moment, the PLC Ultima ecosystem includes its own Platin Deal marketplace, the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform, the modern and secure Ultima Wallet, and the Ultima Farm development for generating new coins.

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