Phayny- Meta Quantum Medicine

The Invisible World

Phayny is a network dedicated to quantum medicine in the Web3. An essential utility platform that prepares the transition to telemedicine or e-health. According to the CDC the market is valued at 30 billion dollars. Thanks to the blockchain, decentralization is finally possible. Your data is under your control, indeed, the architecture ZK Rollup Snark allows you to connect under the network without your data. No need to register beforehand, so your personal data will be private.

Just like traditional allopathic medicine where the structures and foundations are well established. It is necessary to find an alternative, or rather a complementary medicine where patients will be able to find other ways towards the path of healing. Indeed, quantum medicine is more commonly called holistic or natural medicine because it treats the living being as a whole, the physical body and the consciousness.

For the understanding of all, the medicine of the future will be based on the Metaverse. As you already know, it is complicated to find a good naturopath because few of them are referenced. A virtual universe in the Web3 where everyone will be able to consult specialists from all over the world. The Phayny network will bridge the gap between the patient and the quantum doctor. 

The patient’s data will be stored in the blockchain, secure and decentralized.  The doctor will have a virtual world at his disposal, a cabinet, an avatar, all the tools necessary to dialogue with the patient. Slides, medical images, videos, sounds for a holistic approach.

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