PayPal and Mastercard pushing Bitcoin price?

For a healthy Bitcoin price growth, adoption is the most important thing. The spread of the crypto currency among the population and the acceptance of digital assets as a means of payment and value retention could also trigger a spike in the Bitcoin price due to the shortage of supply. Is the push in Bitcoin price over the weekend only due to PayPal and Mastercard news? Probably not.

Preparations are currently being made by Mastercard. As the credit card company announced on Monday, it wants to accelerate its crypto program. The company’s partners should therefore soon find it easier to enable secure cards for payments with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Positive signals for the Bitcoin price are also currently expected from other sides. For example, rumors continue that PayPal could soon integrate the purchase of crypto currencies. According to the latest information, the integration announcement could come this week. The Bitcoin price has been on hold for too long.

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