• New Feature - Crypto News Alert - Powered by CoinGecko Beam Updates

    We all can agree that keeping track of important announcements or updates from your favorite crypto projects and exchanges can be a headache. Missing a milestone, exchange listing or important project update could result in you missing a great opportunity. We have now solved this problem for you!

    While keeping in line with our goal of providing the best alerts possible to help you track the marketing happenings, we are proud to announce our newest feature: Crypto News Alert.

    The Crypto News Alert sends you updates directly from a crypto project or exchanges themselves. You are able to receive alerts from all projects and exchanges or filter and set alerts for a specific project and/or specific category of news such as Upcoming Events, Exchange New Listings, Funds Movement, General News, Milestones Reached, Partnerships or Software Releases.  Notifications can currently be received via email or Telegram.

    In partnership with our data provider CoinGecko, the news alerts are based on CoinGeko’s “Beam Updates".  As an added bonus, the crypto news alert is currently a free alert which means you can set as many as possible without having a CMA premium subscription.

    To check out the latest news alert, go here”  https://coinmarketalert.com/page/alerts    


    We hope you enjoy our alerts service.

    Best Regards,

    CoinMarketAlert Team