• Introducing stokx.io - Newest Partner of CMA - CMA Bounty

    CoinMarketAlert is proud to introduce our newest partner - stokx.io - Stable Token Exchange


    Join the stokx whitelist now and earn 1000 CMA tokens.  Join here: https://stokx.io

    stokx (Stable Token Exchange) is a platform which provides a decentralized marketplace for stablecoins only. stokx is a Swiss-based team and some features of the stokx platform will include: 
    Transaction Mining, Flat Transaction Fee, Margin Trading and, many more.  

    stokx is additionally conducting an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) soon for the STOKX exchange Token. Join the whitelist now and be first to receive a 25% discount on STOKX during the IEO in addition to receiving CMA tokens. 

    How to claim you CMA: 

    1- Join stokx whitelist here with you CMA Tokens Account email: https://stokx.io

    2- Enter your CMA account email here: https://forms.gle/wyULLaTZECQCFXfFA