• How to choose a suitable place for starting a business in the UAE

    Nowadays, businessmen all over the world are paying more and more attention to the opportunities that are opening up for them in the implementation of their projects in the United Arab Emirates. In the modern business world, it is difficult to find a person who would not know the favorable economic conditions that exist in the UAE.

    This corporate legislation provides a fundamentally new level of relations between government and business, freeing entrepreneurs from taxes, restrictions on currency transactions and the withdrawal of earned income.

    We want to highlight the following key benefits of company formation in UAE:

    • favorable geographical location;

    • the absence of economic instability and corruption;

    • lack of bureaucracy and the interest of the country's leadership in business development;

    • goodwill of the government to foreign entrepreneurs;

    • availability of skilled labor;

    • attractive tax laws.

    Advantages of doing business in Dubai free trade zone

    The UAE consists of seven independent emirates. Each of them provides unique opportunities and business benefits. In any emirate, you can open both a local company to work in the local market and a company in a free economic zone. When choosing a form of registration of a company and its place of activity, it is important to consider the factors that will directly affect the development of your future business in the UAE.

    For example, opening a company in Dubai free trade zone would be an excellent choice for conducting international business. Also, in this case, the business can be conducted in the territory of the free zone itself.

    The main advantages of opening a company in Dubai free zone are:

    • full ownership of a company for a foreign investor without participation of a local partner;

    • the total absence of corporate and income taxes;

    • world-class infrastructure and transport interchange;

    • opening an account in the best local or world-known banks;

    • large selection of industrial, warehouse and office spaces;

    • business-friendly legislation;

    • the possibility of obtaining a visa for investors and their family members.

    Having created a company in Dubai, businessmen find themselves in an excellent atmosphere with perfect telecommunication systems and infrastructure. The largest international exhibitions and conferences are constantly held in Dubai. The financial and services sectors are especially developed in this city, which allows satisfying any needs of entrepreneurs.

    Ajman Free Zone – another perfect option for doing business in the UAE

    Ajman is one of the rapidly developing emirates of the UAE. It has a very favorable location - the coast of the Persian Gulf, and the emirate itself is rich in the beauty of its nature. Also, it has a comfortable transport connection with Dubai. The trip takes only 25 minutes by car. All these conditions contribute to the rapid development of the emirate and attracting of financial flows. At the moment, the income from this emirate is 20% of the total income of the UAE.

    Ajman Free Zone now is one of the most profitable solutions for starting a business in the Emirates. Many businessmen seek to open a company in Ajman since it has a number of advantages:

    • low cost of company registration;

    • inexpensive Ajman Free Zone visa cost, which is valid for 3 years with the possibility of renewing an unlimited number of times;

    • quick registration procedure;

    • high degree of information security;

    • zero taxes rates;

    • advantageous geographical and strategic location;

    • developed modern infrastructure.