• Get the power of TOP 100 performing cryptocurrencies in 1 index coin




    CIX100 is a cryptocurrency index of the 100 best-performing currencies.  Get the power of TOP 100 performing cryptocurrencies in 1 index coin

    - Smart coin rebalance without your involvement

    - Up to 80% better than the market and BTC 2

    - Potential to sell your token anytime at the current value of the index 3

    Why every crypto holder needs Cryptoindex?

    No need to analyze the market trends on your own

    It doesn't matter anymore where the market will go. Smart self-learning algorithm Zorax processes all the crypto market data and learns to predict with better accuracy with every iteration for you.

    No need to rebalance your crypto portfolio manually

    Owning a diverse portfolio is now as easy as holding a single coin. Zorax applies a strict set of calculations to automatically select and rebalance a portfolio of the top performing 100 crypto coins continuously.

    No need to search for new promising coins anymore

    As some coins start to perform well, they can be easily overlooked and miss inclusion in your portfolio. Track the market and promising coins with our smart index. The index of 100 coins automatically reacts to trends and news ensuring the opportunities aren’t missed.


    No need to analyze which coins are showing diminishing returns

    By analyzing thousands of trades and signals every second, based on more than 170 factors, Zorax rebalances the coins in the index, including promising coins and excluding inefficient ones.


    No need for complex and expensive trading

    You don't need to trade anymore when your portfolio is managed by our AI algorithm. Daily monitoring and analysis of signals of more than 1500 coins on 11 exchanges make Zorax the most advanced predictive and analytical system on the cryptocurrency market.


    Why Cryptoindex is unique?

    A unique approach to Index calculation and methodology

    Cryptoindex aims to unify the crypto and traditional banking sectors


    We strive to bring the human factor to zero, meaning rapid real-time assessment of data

    Zorax aims to minimize the "human factor" delivering a real-time assessment of data.


    AI-based algorithm

    We have created a robust index of the top 100 coins that are filtered through a strict set of rules and calculations applied to more than 1000 cryptocurrencies and tokens from the market. After this process, our AI Neural Network applies more than 200 factors receiving millions of signals per second providing a high-performance index represented in the CIX100 token.


    Strong mathematical trading and automation background

    An experienced team with a combined over 100 years of experience in the financial markets, developing indices, financial products, and market infrastructure. Added to that is our team of mathematicians and programmers have extensive knowledge and experience of developing trading strategies.


    Powerful Zorax algorithm becomes smarter every day

    The AI-based Cryptoindex algorithm is constantly learning by consuming huge amounts of data rapidly making decisions and choices that humans would struggle to match.

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