• CoinMarketAlert Now Accept Binance -BNB Tokens

    CoinMarketAlert and Binance Tokens


    About CoinMarketAlert

    CoinMarketAlert is a cryptocurrency price alert and notification platform based in Seychelles and Switzerland. The platform functions to help new and experienced cryptocurrency traders protect their investments by providing the best price alert tools thereby enabling more than 18,000 customers to achieve their trade goals without much hustle.

    About Binance Exchange

    Binance exchange is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange that provides cryptocurrency traders access some sophisticated trading tools, charts and features vital in cryptocurrency trade. The exchange offers both Basic and Advanced exchange interfaces which are both suitable for beginner and professional traders. Making a trade on the platform involves registering for a personal account and depositing cryptocurrencies from your wallet.

    The platform will enable new users on the platform to utilize BNB Tokens as a payment method for premium subscriptions on the CoinMarketAlert platform.


    Importance of the Accepting BNN

    Over the last two years, cryptocurrency has rapidly become the means of payment for products and services with a large number of large-scale multinationals notably Microsoft and Expedia having integrated cryptocurrency as a means of payment. The integration of cryptocurrency as a means of payment comes with immense benefits as cryptocurrency offers an efficient and practical alternative to the existing centralized payment methods which exploit both merchants and consumers. The adaption of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange has however been hampered by several weakness of cryptocurrencies including long verification periods, high volatility, and lack of liquidity. Nevertheless, upcoming innovations such implementation of scalability solutions, the emergence of fiat on-ramps, and stablecoins are promising to solve cryptocurrencies weakness to provide a suitable ecosystem for the adaption of digital assets as payment methods.

    CoinMarketAlert's acceptance of BNB Tokens as a payment method for premium subscriptions on the CoinMarketAlert platform is an important milestone in the adaption of digital asset as a means of payment and also beneficial in many ways. First, users of the platform will enjoy minimal transaction fees when paying for the premium subscription using the BNB tokens. Users on the platform have a long time been exploited by the high transaction fees in addition to certain irrelevant taxes when paying for their premium subscription. However, with BNB token as a means of payment, subscriptions payments will be charged at a relevant minimum cost and will be much lower as compared to other methods of online payment.

    Additionally, transactions when using BNB as a means of payment would be more transparent and faster as compared to traditional online payment methods such as bank transfers.

    Secondly, the integration of BNB tokens as a means of premium subscription payments will provide CMA access to over three hundred thousand new users in addition to providing a channel for BNB tokens to be utilized outside of the Binance platform. This will in turn massively contribute to the adaption of digital assets as a means of payment on only via the Binance but also other crypto startups platforms such as CMA.

    CoinMarketAlert and Binance Exchange are expected to benefit mutually and will indeed go a long way in the adaption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment to replace the traditional online payment methods.