• Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News from 31 July 2020


    VeriumReserve:Quick Reminder! The Verium Triple Halving is expected in 16 days, Let's go to 2-3% of inflation as plan at the creation of Verium & Vericoin. Grab a bag of $VRM, Put your seat belt, and let's go to the moon !! 

    Helpico: Rubric: Ecological holidays and animal days in July 31.07 - World Ranger Day This day was established in 2007 by the International Ranger Federation (IRF) to celebrate the contribution of Park Rangers to the conservation of nature.https://t.me/Helpico_Coin https://helpic.io/Helpico/post/330 https://www.facebook.com/helpico.helpico.1/posts/615262886090173https://twitter.com/Helpico_Coin/status/1289109516525752321 

    Aeternity: Studio, formerly known as Fire Editor, is a brand-new platform for developers in the Aeternity ecosystem that allows them to write, compile, and deploy smart contracts on Sophia, as well as call local and stateful functions. Read more here: https://bit.ly/3hREji0 



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