• Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News from 29 June 2020

    SmartCash: With 1.3 now in public testing phase, here are some of the cool SmartRewards features included in this release: 1 week payouts - (that's right, you will get paid every week) Holding longer gets you a bonus. HODL for 2 months & get a 2X bonus, 4 months 4X, 6 months a 6X bonus. Find out more on Twitter: https://twitter.com/scashofficial/status/1277391440834965506 


    Merge: Dear community, Our upgraded chain is on testnet. This is a major milestone for Merge, that will catch up with Bitcoin's recent updates and standards. No coin fork nor swap will be needed. A new wallet is also being tested, with a new user interface included! Find all the details at: https://hub.projectmerge.org/blockchain-upgrade-on-testnet Regards, Merge 


    VeriCoin: We finally fixed all the reported / found bugs from the Verium 1.3 beta. Let's now start the release process (Changelog, Version, Packaging, Distribution). Today we will also share a new community update ! 


    Helpico: Bounty program! Airdrop coins Helpico! 1. Download the Helpico wallet from the site www.helpico.io, send to email [email protected] the address of your wallet and get - 0.5 Helpico; More info https://helpic.io/Helpico/post/298https://helpic.io/Helpico/post/299 https://www.facebook.com/helpico.helpico.1/posts/593144541635341https://twitter.com/Helpico_Coin/status/1277510416634085377 


    BEAM: HARD FORK COMPLETED Those of you who have followed and participated in our journey to date will know that yesterday Beam completed it's final algorithm evolution from BeamHashII to BeamHashIII. Read below how the event unfolded, and how the network (and Team!) reacted to the consensus change which brings a new range of technologies the Best in Class privacy cryptocurrency - Beam.https://medium.com/@beam_privacy/hard-fork-completed-72e8f1edb10b Team Beam 


    MCO: We're extending the 3 measures for 3 more months: 💳Crypto.com App - 3.5% credit card fee waived for buying crypto 🛒MCO Visa Card - Groceries shopping up to 10% back 🍕Pay Giftcard- Food Delivery up to 20% back More details - blog.crypto.com/3x3-extension/ 


    Ark: Can evidence stored on a blockchain give courts and individuals the necessary tools to resolve legal disputes? https://blog.ark.io/how-blockchain-technology-can-resolve-legal-disputes-7e73ab69211c 


    Particl: Particl AMA with Satoshi Club Community --- Cryptoguard (Communications at Particl) and Quentin Beauchesne (DeMarkets.io, Particl community) will be participating in an AMA with the Satoshi Club community on the 3rd of July at 03:00 PM UTC. Join them on Satoshi Club's Telegram channel as they answer many questions on Particl, the marketplace, and more!  t.me/Satoshi_club/142064 

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