• Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News from 24 July 2020

    SWINGBY Auction for #BitMax UsersChart with upwards trendExclusive opportunity to win tokens prior to listing 4 HOUR COUNTDOWN Effective: 7/23 9AM - 10 AM EDT PC Only: https://bit.ly/3jofQm5 @SwingbyProtocol #Defi #BitMaxlisting #USDT #BTMX #altcoins #cryptocurrency #CryptoTwitter #Crypto 

    Cardano: Exciting news everyone.  "The Cardano Shelley rocket is on the launchpad. We are go for the hardfork on the 29th!"- Charles Hoskinson. Within the past 1 hour, we submitted an update proposal, starting the countdown process that will transform the Cardano mainnet from a federated Byron network into a decentralized Shelley network. Here's the lowdown from Tim Harrison... forum.cardano.org/t/shelley-rollout-weekly-update-w-e-24-july/36331 

    Switcheo: We have listed the following DeFi tokens on our exchange! LEND/ETH, NXM/ETH, MTA/ETH, REN/ETH, YFI/ETH Get more details on our blog and start trading new tokens on our exchange today! blog.switcheo.network/switcheo-lists-5-new-defi-tokens/?utm_source=Coingecko&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=5-defi-token-listing 

    Particl: Flare Wallet and Particl Partnership --- The Flare Wallet and Particl team are excited to announce that cold staking for Particl is going to be enabled on Flare Wallet's mobile somewhere next week. In exchange, Particl will be adding the NIX cryptocurrency to Particl V3.0 so that it can be easily swapped for PART to buy and sell anything on the Particl Marketplace without leaving a digital footprint behind! https://particl.news/flare-wallet-and-particl-partnership-f7b7db69a465 

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