• Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News from 21 June 2020

    VeriumReserve: The new Verium 1.3 wallet is out for a few testers on multiple platform. Final release is coming out soon ! If you want to be part of the tester, come join us on http://slack.vericoin.info/ 


    Qtum: New Qtum Mainnet Release Qtum v0.19.1 - Hard Fork - Mandatory update - Offline Staking - Hard fork at block 680,000. https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases/tag/mainnet-ignition-v0.19.1 


    BitMax: RocketPre-Staking of #BEPRO with ~35% Est. APR @BitMax: https://bit.ly/30LqRXL 1 month starting on 6/17 @ 10 AM EDT: -Instant Unbonding -Compound Mode -Daily Reward Distributed ADDITIONAL 5M BEPRO to be shared with the first 500 qualified users. @BetProtocol #staking #Crypto 

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