• Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News from 20 September 2020

    Nimiq: New Exchange Listing! Nimiq entering the Chinese market and adding USDT/NIM pair by listing on BitMax Live 9/21 @ 10AM EDT.

    Cardano: Stake Pool School FREE Sign Up! Have the technical ability to run a stake pool? What's stopping you? We have designed a FREE  on-boarding course on how to set up and run your own stake pool. Sign up now! https://mailchi.mp/cardano/stakepoolschool

    Ubiq: We are proud to announce the launch of Shinobi for the Ubiq community. Shinobi is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ubiq, built on a Uniswap V2 codebase. We recommend our community read our guides on: https://ubiq.ninja/dojo You can reach Shinobi by visiting: https://shinobi.ubiq.ninja/ #defi #UBQ


    ION: ionomy Exchange 4.0 beta preview! Check out ionomy's fresh new look! Discover ionomy PRO trader benefits $BTC $ETH $LTC $DASH $WGR $ION $RVN $HIVE https://news.ionomy.com/ionomy-exchange-4-0-beta-preview/

    Tokpie: NTerprise (NTER) Token Listed on Tokpie Learn more about NTER and how to trade it: https://tokpie.io/blog/nterprise-nter-token-listed-on-tokpie/


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