• Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News from 12 September 2020

    BitBall #decentralized #cryptocurrency exchange progress. Within a week we have listed, #Cro by @cryptocom #Pay by @tenxwallet #Yfi by @iearnfinance #Lend by @AaveAave #Link by @chainlink #Wbtc by @WrappedBTC With options of stable coins like #USDT by @bitfinex & #USDC by @coinbase Fast, secure, on-chain, txns. BitBall-Dex.com Tweet: https://twitter.com/bitballdex/status/1304719922992349184


    BitMax: Latest listing on #BitMax #BitMax will list @ultra_io (#UOS), the games distribution platform that offers solutions to both devs & players, under the trading pair of UOS/USDT on 8/27 @ 10AM EDT. D&W available now. Chance to share $25K UOS tokens: https://bit.ly/3jj2AhH

    Decred: August's issue of the Decred Journal is out now! v1.5.2 was released to address a DoS vector, Treasury decentralization PR got reviewed, Politeia is getting a tlog refactoring, and dcrdex and vspd are getting tested. https://medium.com/decred/decred-journal-august-2020-37bd63997722

    PIVX v4.3.0 RC1 core wallet has been released, and wallet binaries are now available for download! https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases/tag/v4.3.0rc1 This 1st release candidate for major 4.3.x build is a pre-final release for public testing and feedback. It includes significant core and network upgrades to make it sync faster, use less resources, be more stable, while also squashing many bugs. Please report if any issue is found on PIVX GitHub or Discord #pivx_testnet. Thank you!

    Ethereum vs ARK? How does Deployer solve scalability, high gas fees, and give you your own sovereign blockchain? Find out on this week's episode of ARK Crypto Podcast. https://ark.io/podcast/discussing-deployer-the-simplest-way-to-deploy-a-blockchain-syndication-ark-crypto-podcast-092

    Auxilium: The community fundraiser is the next big community event of Auxilium blockchain. Steps and status. Idea concept .Technical concept .Legal approval. Test fundraiser platform. Start community fundraiser Our fundraiser announcement (09/09): https://forum.auxilium.global/t/xt-com-ieo-outcome-and-next-steps/16660


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