• Introduction to CoinMarketAlert CMA Token Staking Rewards
    Stake your CMA tokens and earn up to 10% staking rewards yearly

    Published on Monday November 12, 2018


    CMA Token Staking Rewards

    With our CMA bounty program distribution in progress, we’re now ready to unveil CMA Token Staking.  The first Staking rewards distribution starts on December 31st, 2018 and reoccurs every 30 days until we have 450 million of the total 500 million tokens in circulation.  


    What is Staking and How Does It Work?

    In the world of crypto, staking refers to the reward you receive for supporting a token by holding the token. There are many ways in which staking can be implemented. With CoinMarketAlert, we’ve decided to tie in staking with the CMA Price Alerts platform.  Staking CMA tokens will not only grant you unlimited access to our premium account features but also enable you to earn staking rewards.

    In order to stake your CMA, you’ll need to deposit your token into an ERC20 compliant wallet such as Mist, Metamask, and MyEtherwallet. Note: CMA tokens which are sitting on an exchange will not receive staking rewards

    CMA tokens can be purchased on IDEX, Coinplace, and Token Store with more exchanges coming very soon.

    How to set my CMA staking rewards address?

    Please follow the instructions below to configure your CMA staking rewards wallet.  - Step 1: Login to your account and select the Staking Manager button located on the right side - Step 2: On the Staking Manager page, enter the Ethereum wallet address which holds your CMA tokens.  - Starting on 31 December 2018 and every 30 days afterward, your staking rewards will be credited to your wallet automatically based on your staking tier level.

    How Much Can I Earn from Staking CMA?

    In order to calculate individual staking rewards, we have implemented a tiered staking system that is meant to encourage users to stake more CMA. The tier determines the rate at which you earn CMA, and are determined by the amount of CMA that you are staking. You will need a minimum of 100 CMA tokens in order to receive staking rewards. CMA Staking rewards will be distributed every 30 days and starting on 31 December 2018, so start acquiring and staking you CMA now. 


    The chart below outlines CMA staking reward tiers

    CMA Staking Rewards chart


    Staking Rewards Example:

    A wallet with 9,999 CMA  earns 300 additional CMA tokens yearly
    A wallet with 499,999 CMA earns 25,000 additional CMA tokens yearly
    A wallet with 999,999 CMA earns 80,000 additional CMA tokens yearly
    A wallet with +5,000,000 CMA receives 500,000 additional CMA tokens yearly



    CoinMarketAlert unlimited premium Access

    In order to have unlimited access to premium features on CoinMarketAlert, you must have a verified wallet that holds a minimum balance of 600 CMA tokens. In order for us to verify your wallet balance and grant you access to CMA premium features, we will periodically scan your wallet.

    For questions and comments, please reach us on Telegram or via the contact form. 

    CoinMarketAlert Team