YIBIT —1st Decentralized AI Crypto-Asset Exchange in the World

What is YIBIT?
YIBIT is a decentralized AI Crypto-Asset Exchange in Seychelles. The International Operations Center is located at Rufino Pacific Tower condominium Corp., Manila, Philippines.
YIBIT is a decentralized artificial intelligence digital asset trading platform based on the FinChain protocol that provides users with quality services.
YIBIT provides global users with up to 100,000 TPS-level decentralized trading systems with all the features of an ideal trading platform. It is a world-class decentralized trading platform that can handle Nasdaq-class transaction throughput, speed of light-speed trading, aerospace-level security level, and transaction processing fee is almost zero.
Up to now, YIBIT has nearly 40,000 active users per day, and the daily transaction amount is 10 million US dollars.

7 advantages of YIBIT

1, decentralized, high security.

YIBIT adopts the decentralization method. It is different from the managed user assets of the centralized exchange. The assets of all users are stored in the smart contract and are controlled independently by the user. Even if the exchange is attacked, there is no risk of asset loss. Hackers can’t attack and steal user assets, which greatly enhances the security of assets.

At the same time, since the assets are no longer managed by the trading platform, the recharging and withdrawal of user assets are not restricted by the platform, and the platform cannot perform price manipulation and so on. This is the possibility of technology to eradicate the evil. And decentralized, peer-to-peer trading, no platform risk. Transparent, secure and trustworthy.

2, multiple super nodes, never shut down.

The nodes of YIBIT include GBAC Chairman of the Giant Cancer, Weiyou Yuanjie Founder and CEO Chu Xiahu, American DistributedAppsCEO and founder Huang Lianjin, Teng Capital Capitalist Zhao Jun, Bile Capital Partner Ding Yang, Junyi Capital Partner Shi Boping , Digital Renaissance Foundation partner Cao Yu, nuls strategic investment department Yu Weihua, Rip Consulting wallet and other heavyweight institutions.

3. Artificial intelligence.

Our artificial intelligence is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is to select coins and choose valuable coins for everyone. FinChain uses artificial intelligence big data tools to quantitatively analyze and analyze the project. In addition to accessing a large amount of market data and computing resources, users will also have advanced AI technology intelligence analysis support. The FinChain AI algorithm scans market data for months and identifies strategies and initiatives that are appropriate for the investor’s goals.

The second is to choose the time to choose the most suitable time to enter and play. In the future we will introduce mature algorithms that will be used in our YIBIT exchanges.

4. One-stop service.

Digital asset issuance, crowdfunding, digital asset trading, and digital asset management were deployed on the FinChain network. It has realized the integration of currency, crowdfunding, exchanges and deposits, and one-stop service. Convenient, simple and fast.

5. Full life cycle services.

More than 20 currency channels, mainstream media resources, million-level coin circle community resources, and currency core core coffee resources. Provide one-stop services such as currency trading, project consulting, economic model design, currency, crowdfunding, roadshow activities, trading on the exchange, lockout, and overseas architecture.

6, technical advantages.

Core developers from Bts, steem and other technical support for YIBIT.

7, community advantage, millions of quality users.

FinChain community 30000+, the user base of Bit Superman global real registered users 500000+.

So, choose YIBIT and you will get:

Decentralized security guarantee, no need to worry about hackers stealing digital assets; distributed storage, no need to worry about policy risks, accessibility to the world at any time, anywhere; really users, high activity, high loyalty; one-stop, full life Cycled service; sharing of quality resources and opening up global markets.

Source and additional information: https://medium.com/@yibit/yibit-1st-decentralized-ai-crypto-asset-exchange-in-the-world-8299d4f00c2f