Coineal - A Global Reliable Crypto Trading Platform

Upholding the motto of “Global exchange, Local presence”, Coineal is a world leading global digital asset exchange, established by experienced blockchain investors and geeks in early 2018.

While being global, Coineal puts equal emphasis on localization as on globalization and has branches in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc.

Operating 24/7, Coineal places user satisfaction as its utmost priority, implementing a user-centered strategy in product design, operations, and marketing. Now Coineal is consistently ranked among the top 10 exchanges on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Coinhills.

Striving to constantly provide users with a safe, professional yet convenient environment to trade crypto assets, Coineal has achieved a strong reputation globally. Simultaneously, Coineal has also become the most influential digital asset exchange in a wide range of countries. As of March 2019, there are 2 million users from 40+ countries trading on Coineal, with daily transaction volume exceeding 500 million dollars.

Team & Vision

Launched in early 2018, Coineal was founded by senior blockchain practitioners, cryptocurrency investors and technology geeks from both China and South Korea. We'are a passionate tram aiming to build an industry-leading crypto asset trading platform as well as providing users with secure, professional and convenient cryptocurrency wallet service.

Our Advantages

Global OutReach

As a global platform, Coineal has already set up offices in China, South Korea and Japan. we seek to continue to improve our global layout, with new offices soon to be open in countries and regions including but not limited to Japan, Singapore, USA and Russia.

Security and Stability

Our technical team have rich experience in the crypto industry. Thanks to their hard work, Coineal has built an industry-leading risk management system based on distributed architecture as well as a powerful anti-DDOS system.

High Liquidity

Thanks to our international investment advisory team, we have established close ties with our international partners who are highly supportive and resourceful in providing liquidity to the whole platform. Thanks to the liquidity that they provide, buying and selling crypto assets on Coineal have become so fast and easy.

Excellent User Experience

To better serve our users, Coineal supports be access from multiple platforms including IOS, Android, H5 and PC Web. Our multilingual trading interface has covered mainstream languages worldwide, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Should you have any questions on trading, Coineal's customer service team is always here for you, 24/7.

Bonus Sharing

We share most of our profits with our partners and users. We believe that helping our users to reap the fruits of our commonwealth -- Blockchain technology, is more important than just profiting ourselves.


As highly-potential platform coin issued by Coineal, the total quantity of NEAL will always be 542,964,897 tokens.

Discount in Transaction Fee

One of the key use case of NEAL is to obtain discounts in transaction fee. If you have enough NEALs to enjoy a discount, you will continue to do so until your NEAL balance is below the minimum quantity required to be eligible for discounts.


All community members may participate in the management of Coineal in the form of voting for users to be selected to join the governance board, which will be performed by using NEAL tokens. It is also necessary for users who campaign to become supernodes to possess NEAL tokens.

Token Listing

NEAL deposit is required for projects that apply for self-listing.