Our advertising deal includes the following packaged service:  An ICO listing, a 728x90 display banner (with 50000 views), an Alert Blast for 7 days (included in every email price alert notification), as well as a Blog article (up to 1000 words) written and submitted by you.


Packaged Service

- ICO listing:  You're ICO details are featured on our ICO listing area and on the CoinMarkertAlert home page.   For an example of our ICO listing, please click below: https://coinmarketalert.com/page/press-releases/winstars-changing-the-face-of-gambling-633


- Display banner (50,000 view): Your banner will be displayed to thousands of user and visitors on the landing page of CoinMarketAlert.com and all other site pages.


- Alert blast: We include your ICO and 200 character message in every emailed price alert.  This is sent to users receiving E-mail price alerts multiple times each day.  Your message remains in every price alert for 7 days.  


- Blog article:  You receive an article of up to 1000 words and we will include this on CoinMarketAlert.com.  Blog articles are displayed on our homepage and our blog section.


We accept Bitcoin(BTC), PayPal or half of total payment in project Coin/Token as our payment methods.

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