The commitment of esteemed 35k+ subscribers has earned our blog unimaginable popularity over the past year and we receive many requests each day for article publishing. To simplify this process, going forward we will now allow all users with an active yearly subscription to publish unlimited articles on our blog. The yearly subscription price is currently only $29 / 29 USDT per year! Amazing deal right🤭

How does it work? 

  • Have an active yearly subscription with us. If not, you can purchase or renew your subscription here.
  • Send us an email including your account email address, the article with professional images or video links to: [email protected]
  • Please also include the authors Twitter profile, Discord, website or other url so we can give authors credit.
  • We will review your article and publish it within 48 hours. Once published, you get the sharable article link per email .

Publishing Restrictions: 

  • The article should contain at least 500 words.
  • Contents can be in any language.  
  • You can add do-follow links in addition to images/videos to your article.
  • We accept all forms of articles except sexual-related contents or ads.

Featured Articles:

If you would like your article featured (shows on the home page, top of blog as sticky and every other page), there is a small fee per week of $10/  10 USDT as we only have four featured spots and therefore we must schedule these spots. Contact us for more information and scheduling.

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