Copy Trading: A Million-Dollar Hack or Just a Gimmick?

Online trading is a seamless way to diversify your investments. You can invest for near- or long-term financial goals. Meanwhile, traders use various strategies to remain profitable in the game, and copy trading is among the tactics gaining popularity in recent times. This article will explain everything about copy trading and whether you can implement it to magnify your trading returns. 

What’s Copy Trading 

Copy trading allows less experienced investors to copy trades of skilled traders. For example, you discover an individual with impressive returns over the past year. You’ll probably want to understand his secrets and potentially apply them. 

You can use copy trading platforms to attain that with a single button click. Copying expert investors means mirroring their portfolios. For instance, if your chosen trader has 5% in gold and 10% in Tesla on their profile, yours will include those assets. 

Copy trading works for both short- and long-term investments. That means you can use the strategy in day trading to achieve future financial goals. 

Copy Trading: Step-by-Step Guide 

First and foremost, you will have to register an account with trading platforms that support copy trading. Most brokers have the option to allow users to follow other investors. You will find varying criteria for choosing the right expert to copy. For example, you can check individuals with more profits or consistent trading patterns. 

Secondly, you will choose the amount you want to stake. Beware of the financial risks of investing online. Never invest what you can’t afford to surrender. Also, start small and increase your investments as you learn about the marketplace. 

After deciding the amount, you want to invest, you observe. Some platforms will automatically copy trades from your selected ‘guru.’ Nonetheless, you can use the manual option, watching the selection that your peers are investing in. 

Know-how remains crucial for successful trading. You may have to act diligently to find experts with impressive track records. You can attain that by joining different trading communities and groups on social media sites. You will interact with individuals actively offering investment suggestions on buying, adding money, or selling. 

Also, you can take advantage of automated trading platforms. These can be helpful for people joining the industry as they conduct everything on behalf of the trader. You can find many programmed copy trading sites on the web. 

Copy Trading Pros 

  • You can earn gradual returns.
  • Copy trading is a lucrative investment strategy for beginner traders.
  • It helps to connect with experienced investors. 
  • You can make passive money through fund diversification. 


  • Many platforms want you to pay before accessing the copy software. 
  • Finding legitimate traders can be challenging, not forgetting scammers. 
  • Automated software can lead to massive losses to inexperienced players.

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