The Novice’s Guide To Copy Trading

Copy trading gained immense popularity in recent years by offering investors the chance to leverage the trading strategy of experienced traders while reducing the effort and time needed to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing financial markets.

Many investors have had to discover alternative investment strategies following the recent market failures that left them suffering huge losses. Regarding forex investment, copy trading has become the go-to solution for new investors looking to explore and profit from the market.

With just a little or fair bit of trading experience and without the time and resources to test your personalized trading strategies, what better way to harness the investment opportunities in the financial ecosystem than embracing copy trading?

This guide will show you how to explore, navigate and succeed in copy trading. You will also discover the best to diversify your assets, safeguard your funds and build a passive investment with little to no knowledge of the trading.

What Is Copy Trading?

By its name, copy trading refers to the process where an investor copies the trading actions of an expert trader. To succeed, an investor must copy the step-by-step approach of an experienced market player to make profits and build expertise to enhance their success over time.

The processes involved in copy trading are simple. As an investor, you automatically copy the moves of experienced traders by utilizing their trading bots.

It is worth noting that expert traders use an automated trading model or trading bots to enhance efficiency and speed rather than relying on manual methods. As an investor, using a trading bot means directly copying from the experts.

One of the many benefits of copy trading is that all processes are automated. Hence, you save time and effort while increasing your chance of making a positive return on the initial investment.

Copy Trading Vs. Manual Trading

Copy trading is part of a broader transaction process where an investor on the lookout for profit-making can manage funds based on the advice and guidance of more experienced traders. The primary strategy in copy trading involves sharing trade executions by an expert trader through a platform, usually social media, with fellow traders.

All these shared strategies, posts, and knowledge can be used to form investment strategies or ideas. With copy trading, you can duplicate trades previously made by some top traders and build your portfolio.

On the other hand, manual trading is a method where you are fully involved in monitoring the market direction and determining the best time to enter and exit the market. In manual trading, you are not exposed to external variables like the trendy market situation because you have complete control of your trades and decide whether your trade should remain active or exit the market.

How To Begin Your Copy Trading Journey

In your search for the ideal copy trading platform, paying close attention to factors like spreads and transaction fees is essential. These can often catch beginners off guard, leading to unpleasant surprises.

However, with the right copy trading platform, you can rest assured that all the necessary information is readily available. This comprehensive transparency ensures you can engage in copy trading with unwavering confidence, knowing you understand the costs involved.

It is time to say goodbye to unexpected fees and embrace a copy trading experience that empowers you to make informed decisions with peace of mind. In financial investment, it is crucial to maintain realistic expectations and keep your emotions in check.

It is also essential to remember that temporary losses are an inherent part of the process. Similarly, yielding to fear, doubt, or uncertainty shouldn’t prompt you to unfollow a trader prematurely.

Likewise, when venturing into the world of copy trading, seize the opportunity to leverage the power, dependability, and consistency of the copy trading expert. This step can ensure that you have a seamless trading experience.

Thus, you can have a reliable and automated approach to executing trades in the forex market. By combining thoughtful decision-making with the efficiency of the strategies by the copy trading expert, you can optimize your copy trading moves and achieve tremendous success.

Is copy trading worth it? Yes, provided you follow simple instructions. Since this type of trading method continues to surge in popularity, it is clear that if people were not making money using this strategy, there would be no demand for it.

However, as an investor, you must do your due diligence on the platform you want to use before choosing. This is because the outcome of your decision will significantly impact the success or failure of your investment.

2 Crucial Tips To Copy Trading Success

As a novice to copy trading, you should consider two crucial factors as you start.

  • Diversification

Instead of sticking with one trader and copying all their traders, a better option is to find up to two other traders you want to understudy their strategies and styles of trading. Then, allot specific trades with one expert trader.

However, consider these expert traders’ risk tolerance and historical performance. The primary benefit of this method is that you have a broader copy trading portfolio and lessen your risk exposure since all your trading capital isn’t tied to one trader’s strategies.

  • Regular Monitoring And Adjustments Is Key

You need to monitor the performance of the trades you’re copying, as adjustments will be required. For instance, there might be changes in market conditions that can affect your trades negatively.

Also, there might be a need to stop copying the trades of a particular trader should they make changes to their trading strategies that differ from your trading goals.

  • Excellent Support

Ensure that your chosen platform has a dedicated team ready to support you as you take your first step into diversifying your investment portfolio. Regardless of the copy trading platform you choose, ensure that it has many experienced traders, suits your trading objective, and you can efficiently utilize the platform’s tools.

Choosing A Suitable Copy Trading Platform

Choosing the best copy trading platform to meet your investment needs is the first step in getting started. Once you select the best copy trading system, you are halfway between long and short-term success rather than failure.

However, you must perform your due diligence before choosing the platform to start your copy trading journey. One of our most recommended copy trading platforms is ZuluTrade.

Why ZuluTrade?

The ZuluTrade copy trading community lets you link up with the top traders spread worldwide. More importantly, you can receive real-time trades directly on your trading account.

Unlike other copy trading platforms, ZuluTrade’s innovative community is specially designed to cater to various categories of traders regardless of their experience. There are no complicated or steep learning curves to overcome here.

The platform’s advanced trading analytics tool sets it apart from its competitors. ZuluTrade also has personalized support to help investors achieve their unique trading goals.


If you are a beginner to trading the financial markets, copy trading can be your best option for achieving success in the short-term and learning trade principles to help you achieve long-term success. A side benefit is that it allows you the free time to spend on other tasks confidently since you know that an expert trader is analyzing the market.

The steps in this guide give you the correct information to succeed in trading the financial markets.

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