CoinMarketAlert July 2022 Update

CoinMarketAlert latest features and Roadmap

We started this journey in 2017 to help cryptocurrency traders and investors to track any changes in their portfolios which include price, volume, market capitalization, and other related information they may like to know.

We are proud of our 30,000 users, and we remain passionate about seeking new & creative ways to help you more as our goal is to protect your crypto and NFTs investments by providing the best price alerting and portfolio tracking tools.

CoinMarketAlert is happy to announce the 5 latest features we just built for you.

  • Crypto Wallet Balance Alert

  • NFT Wallet Balance Alert

  • Crypto / NFT Wallet Activity Alert

  • CoinMarketAlert All Access NFT

  • New Site Look and Feel

Crypto Wallet Balance Alert: 

This feature puts an end to checking your blockchain explorers at all times, it scans your wallet at your predetermined frequency and sends you a list containing the names and balance of each coin or token in your wallet. Now the real-time balance of your portfolio is yours with ease.

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NFT Wallet Balance Alert:

With this new feature, you will get an alert on all the NFTs in your wallet.

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New Crypto Coin

Crypto and NFT Wallet Activity Alert:
You will get an alert on all transactions in your wallet. Token deposits and transfers, NFT deposits, and transfers can be easily tracked with this feature.

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Crypto Alerting NFT:
Holding our NFT provides you unlimited lifetime access to current and future CMA services. 

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Crypto Market Change Alert

New website UI/UX:
Based on community feedback, we have revised the website for a more modern web 3 look and feel. We hope you enjoy it.
Find a bug, let us know, and get rewarded.

New CoinMarketAlert layout

Last but not least, we have published a new two-year technical roadmap showcasing upcoming platform features and utilities. If you have suggestions, please contact us and let us know.

  • Improve pricing data with specific crypto exchange alerts
  • Improve alert notification options and time to deliver alerts
  • Market Correlation data sets and alerts
  • Multi-chain NFT wallet viewer
  • Crypto Exchange Wallet Activity & Balance alert
  • Trace A Wallets Transactions Feature
  • CoinMarketAlert Cypto and NFT Indecies
  • Crypto & NFT Gainer & Looser Alerts
  • CMA Portfolio Refactoring
  • WhatsApp notifications

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