Till today, cryptocurrency trading is one of the most profitable activities people engage-in in almost every part of the world. With tens of thousands of coins and tokens which are already in existence, beginners and seasoned investors find it difficult to track the activities and the general performance of the cryptocurrencies in their portfolio.

Crypto complexity and volatility are crucial factors that prevent traders who find it difficult to have their eyes fixed on the market charts at all times from making better decisions. With more than 10,000 coins and tokens listed on various exchanges, who won’t love to have all the necessary information as just a notification on their devices?


To avoid distractions and make it easy for people to access all cryptocurrency-related information, CoinMarketAlert – the world’s #1 Bitcoin, crypto price alert makes it easy for you to track the following:

• CRYPTO & NFT WALLET ACTIVITIES: Each time you make a deposit or withdrawal from your wallet, CMA gives you a timely alert.

• PRICE PERCENTAGE: For accurate volatility prediction, a price percentage alert is the best tool you need. you won’t only get an alert when a specific coin pump or dump but also get to know the percentage change in its price.

• PROFIT OR LOSS: Since making a profit is the major aim of all crypto traders and investors, we have made it easier for you to access your profit/loss information with CMA.

•CRYPTO NEWS ALERT: Irrespective of your method of analysis to predict the price of a coin without knowing about sentiments and reading crypto news, the odds may be against you. CMA news alert is all you need.

•NEW COIN ALERT: If you are not one of those who bought Ethereum when it was below $50 then this is for you, whenever a coin is listed on any exchange be the first to get the information. An early bird catches the worm.

•AIRDROP AND BOUNTY: Need free coins and tokens to start your crypto journey? you must not miss out on any airdrop and bounty update, CMA got you covered.

•CRYPTO WALLET BALANCE: This feature puts an end to checking your blockchain explorers at all times, it scans your wallet at your predetermined frequency and sends you a list containing the names and balance of each coin or token in your wallet. Now the real-time balance of your portfolio is yours with ease.

If all the updates above together with an alert on market capitalization by percentage, the market cap of a specific coin, and the overall crypto market capitalization are the information you need together with your trading strategies to make your crypto journey easier, then subscribing to the CoinMarketAlert service is the best decision you can make.


Our 30,000+ subscribers receive alerts on all our services through email, discord, Telegram, Webhook and Palmabot directly at their pre-determined frequency.. We are looking forward to being able to notify our users directly via WhatsApp.


Our 15 days free trial makes it possible for you to have a taste of our fantastic offers before you subscribe, with this, you get to know more about us. Register today with the coupon code CMA15.

After this, you are required to pay 29 USD to have access to our services for 1 year.  Euro and Swiss franc of equivalent value is also accepted. As a crypto startup, we accept cryptocurrency as means of payment. We have the cheapest price you can’t get elsewhere.

We also make it easy for you to earn, when someone you refer subscribes to our yearly subscription. Learning and earning from us will be great.


Since portfolio tracking is a crucial part of managing your investment CoinMarketAlert gives you the big picture of your portfolio at ease and we are passionate about helping you more.

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