Partnership Announcement: CoinMarketAlert and PalmaBot

CoinMarketAlert, based in Crypto Valley, Switzerland, and PalmaBot, a Slovenia-German organization, joined forces to create a revolution in instant crypto trade execution. PalmaBot Executor is a mobile-first zero personal data Trade Execution platform for over 30 exchanges supporting +4000 trading pairs. CoinMarketAlert, one of the best crypto alerts providing platforms now enables users to execute trades […]

CoinMarketAlert developments, new features, and business updates

15 October 2020 Platform Developments:New functionality in alerts: Direct routing to the portfolio manager when creating alerts. New features in portfolio manager: We’ve made it easier access to view/edit/delete features directly in the Profit & Loss Matrix. The new Sale button allows you to enter in an asset sale while maintaining the P/L records. AirDrop […]

Steps to connect PalmaBot EXECUTOR to CoinMarketAlert

CONNECT PLATFORMS Install/login to your Telegram application. In Telegram, join PalmaBot chat-bot application Use command /xc to connect CoinMarketAlert platform. Copy {…} string under BUY or SELL. Switch/Login and configure your preferred alert in the Create Alert section. Under Notification Options, select PalmaBot and paste the copied {…} string in the field called […]

Auxilium (AUX) is trending, this is why

Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency has been ‘trending’, ‘hot’ and listed under ‘potential coins’ in the CoinMarketCal Highlights, and even reached the main page for a couple of days. This is in line with the upcoming IEO on the Asian XT exchange, and many amazing short term goals presented by the Auxilium Global Team, which triggered a […]

The Social Key Recovery by Portunus App Solves one of the Biggest Blockchain Problems

Portunus Social Key Recovery application backs up your private keys, passphrases, data, or any kind of secret documents, by splitting them up in securely encrypted fragments. Using the Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme (SSSS), the fragments are stored by your Trustees, which usually are the closest people in your social circle, like family and friends.   […]

Partnership Announcement : CorionX AND CoinMarketAlert

CorionX (CORX) is proud to announce it’s partnership with CoinMaketAlert – one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, price alerts and breaking news provider. CorionX is blockchain-based ERC20 utility token, globally available that creates the framework for education, expansion, and promotion for the usage of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies and DeFi globally, through the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement to […]