Blockchain Trends in 2021 That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Remember how in the early 90s only a few people understood what a global network is, and why we need it? 

Blockchain technology is now at a similar stage of development.

Think about this:

Bitcoin capitalization in early 2021 exceeded $ 1 trillion. The cost of the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is approaching $ 200 billion. 


Blockchain it is a tool that allows you to create decentralized architectures and avoid the issue of trust.

If the question of the distant future may not be obvious, the trends of the blockchain for the next year are clear:
Cryptocurrency wallets. Soon each of us will have his cryptocurrency wallet for storing coins. And it will be natural. Just like using bank apps on your smartphone. Already now you can follow some companies and their products to stay informed. For example, those guys made a comfortable app for cryptocurrency storing and transacting, that you can download to try. 

Vaccine tracking. The most urgent question today is: “How to track the delivery of the vaccine from the manufacturer to the patient and protect this chain from falsification?” Blockchain is ideal for such a task, providing resistance to data modification.

Corporate blockchain. Enterprise or private blockchain means the use of a blockchain platform that allows you to ensure the continuous operation of closed corporate environments, making them more secure, faster, and more convenient.

Growth in NFT adoption. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are essentially digital assets (images, music, code, contracts), the value of which is based on their uniqueness – they cannot be simply duplicated and copied. 

To remain competitive, businesses must now think at least about exploring the possibilities of blockchain and other rapidly growing digital tools.

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