Best Cryptocurrency Price Alerts Tools, Notification Services and Apps in 2020

Crypto price alert services can be a useful tool if you are trying to make a profit in the crypto trading industry. By using these Best Cryptocurrency Price Alerts Tools for crypto price alerts, you can get consistent results trading in the highly volatile crypto market.

Crypto trading is growing in popularity due to the potential for profitability. However, market volatility makes it hard for most people to make a profit. As a result, investors need to be updated constantly on the price swings. The constant stream of information will help traders make subtle changes to their trading strategies, allowing them to remain profitable.

For instance, you can set an alarm for changes in price up or down by 5%. If you think crypto price alerts will be essential to your success in the crypto market, here is a list of some of the best crypto price alert Tools, Services and Apps.


Coinwink is a cryptocurrency price alerts, watchlist and portfolio tracking app for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other 2500+ crypto coins and tokens. Coinwink monitors crypto prices 24/7 and alerts you by e-mail when your defined conditions are met.


Coindera is a great crypto website that offers more than just alert services. With Coindera, you can create alerts based on percentage changes in price, volumes, trading spikes, and much more. The platform gives you a comprehensive snapshot of the crypto market. Thus far, the platform supports over 11,000 coins.

CoinMarketAlert allows you to track your crypto portfolio and receive timely crypto price alerts and breaking news in the crypto market. With the platform, you can create a portfolio that contains all your crypto assets, no matter which trading platform you use.

All your coins can be added to your portfolio and displayed with real-market prices. It allows you to gain a quick overview of your risk tolerance, trading styles, and other crucial components that help you make changes to improve the profitability of your market strategy.

The Benefits of Using CoinMarketAlert

  • Real-time monitoring of your crypto portfolio
  • Over 7000 supported tokens and coins
  • Ability to register the date of purchase and the exchange at which you bought them
  • Keep track of the physical location of your assets
  • Get crypto price alerts when your portfolio’s value rises or drops
  • Get regular notifications on the value of your portfolio
  • Receive weekly portfolio statements via email

CoinMarketAlert offers the following innovative crypto price alerts:

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker- Keep control of your cryptocurrency assets.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Alerts – Get frequent real-time notifications on your portfolio value and when your portfolio increases or decreases in value.

Crypto Breaking News Alert – The Crypto News Alert sends you updates directly from a crypto project or exchanges themselves.

Cryptocurrency Price Alert- Get notified when your selected coin price goes above or below your selected price.

Profit/ Loss Alert- This alert keeps you informed on if you’re making a profit or loss on your selected coin.

Frequency Price Alert- This alert notifies you on the price of a specific coin at your specific time frame.

Volume Change (By %) Alert- This alert keeps you informed on if there is a percentage change in the volume of your selected coin.

Price Percentage Change (By %)- This alert keeps you informed on if there is a percentage change in the price of your selected coin.

New Coin Alert- This alert keeps you informed on if there is a new coin released for trading in the entire crypto market.

Market Cap Change (By %) Alert- This alert notifies you when your selected coin’s market cap goes above or below your selected percentage.

Total Crypto Market Cap Alert- This alert notifies you on the Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap based on your defined time frame.

Specific Coin Market Cap Alert- This alert notifies you on the market cap of a specific coin based on your defined time frame.

Recent High or Low Alert- This alert notifies you when your selected coin has reached an all time high or low within the past 24 hours, 7 or 14 days.

All Coins Price (%) Change Alert- This alert notifies you if any tradable coin’s price changes based on your defined percentage and within your specific time frame.

Trailing Stop Alert- A trailing alert notifies you to possibly buy or sell a coin if it moves in an unfavorable direction.

Wallet Watch Alert- A wallet watch alert notifies you of any activity from a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet.

AIRDROP & BOUNTY Alert- This alert protects you from missing an upcoming cryptocurrency airdrop or bounty campaign ever again.

These are just some of the benefits of using CoinMarketAlert. There are plans to add more features in the future.

The Pricing

The CoinMarketalert platform has three pricing options. These are the Silver, Gold, and Reseller packages. Here is an in-depth look at the three of them:


The Silver package goes for just CHF 0.99 a month or CHF 9.95 a year, which equals a discount of two months.

In this plan, you will get:

  • Unlimited plans for all types
  • Unlimited notification options
  • Android App support with iOS App support coming soon
  • Price alert notification APIs
  • Priority access to new features


The gold plan costs just CHF 6.75 a month or CHF 67.50 a year, which is a discount of two months.

In this plan, you will get:

  • A portfolio tracker
  • A portfolio weekly report
  • Portfolio value and portfolio value change alerts
  • Unlimited alerts of each type
  • Unlimited notifications option
  • An Android app with an iOS coming soon
  • Price alert notification APIs
  • Priority access to new features


The reseller package is designed for professional resellers.

With this package, you have access to two plans:

  • A Silver plan for CHF 0.49 a month with a 200 minimum
  • A Gold plan for CHF 3.35 a month with a minimum of 100

You can pay using PayPal, Ethereum, STDEX Token, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Affiliate Program:

The CoinMarketAlert program is one of the best in the market. All users with or without a subscription can benefit from the program and earn referral commissions on the following levels.


  • If a referred user subscribes, you get a 20% commission for the lifetime of this customer’s paid account.


  • Refer a Reseller and earn 5% in commission on every purchase of your Reseller.


All the services that offer crypto price alerts above are great for ensuring you remain informed and profitable in the crypto market. Despite its volatility, keeping up to date with the latest information can ensure you never have the negative consequences of prices changes.

If you would like to add your price alert service to our list, please contact us.

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