Auxilium (AUX) is trending, this is why

Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency has been ‘trending’, ‘hot’ and listed under ‘potential coins’ in the CoinMarketCal Highlights, and even reached the main page for a couple of days. This is in line with the upcoming IEO on the Asian XT exchange, and many amazing short term goals presented by the Auxilium Global Team, which triggered a true price rally for the AUX coin. AUX price has risen more than 8,000% since the low in November 2019 according to CoinGecko. The coin is climbing towards the top-400 cryptocurrencies on the same coin market cap website. This publication will give a summary of the short term goals that make it extremely interesting to hold and/or buy AUX at the moment.

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Why should people want to invest in AUX in the first place?

Fundamentals…fundamentals…and again…fundamentals

The Auxilium blockchain (established in 2018 by cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global) always had massive underlying value considering the many advantages it has over traditional Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies.

Auxilium is an independent coin and platform, including smart contracts, dApps and tokenization. In addition, the Proof of Authority system is most environmentally friendly and offers greater security, faster transactions, more cost-efficiency and simpler paths to scalability than traditional PoW and PoS cryptocurrencies.

Rewards for AUX holders
Auxilium offers its holders truly fair monthly rewards, which don’t require mining or staking, adding up to 8% interest per annum. This is made possible with the use of our unique and innovative, Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform. Additionally AUX holders receive free utility tokens once Auxilium Global expands the ecosystem.

The strong ecosystem is taking shape
We’re building a strong ecosystem around and on our Auxilium blockchain and network by: building for-profit businesses, building not-for-profit businesses, and providing funding, resources and mentoring to like-minded people interested in helping others through a business, co-op or as an individual. Profits are fed back into Auxilium Global to help people and animals.

Read more about why you should choose Auxilium here:

The ecosystem is expanding, adding direct short term advantages for AUX holders and leading more people towards the Auxilium blockchain

The Auxilium Loyalty Platform

The Auxilium Loyalty Platform is the first use case of Auxilium Global. In interaction with the AUX coin and Auxilium blockchain a new token — the Auxilium Loyalty token — with ticker AUXL will power the loyalty platform. The Auxilium Loyalty Platform combines earning, spending and sharing, for AUX holders, Auxilium Global and third-party companies, by integrating and combining various utilities on one platform. We envision it expanding into a crowdfunding platform, third-party company solution, ICO platform, etc.

More information on the loyalty platform can be found here:

Two extra AUX holder advantages that come from this:

1. Free AUXL tokens. AUX holders who hold at least 1,000 AUX will receive 1 AUXL token for free for every 1 AUX they hold. Example: Someone who holds 900 AUX won’t receive free AUXL. Someone who holds 1,000 AUX will receive 1,000 free AUXL.

2. Free Palladium membership upgrades. AUX holders who hold at least 2,500 AUX are able to upgrade to the Palladium membership for free through pre-registration. Pre-register here:

This page will be updated with more information about the loyalty platform and AUXL token functionality once developments evolve.

AUX coin IEO on XT exchange & Investment Fund

A step up and the road to a top cryptocurrency exchange

We’re holding an IEO on XT Launchpad from 1st September till 5th September 2020. This mutual effort of Auxilium Global and XT exchange will open Auxilium up to a larger cryptocurrency market and audience. We’ll make 10,000,000 (10 million) AUX available from the Research and Development fund for this offering. These 10 million Auxilium coins will be sold against a fixed price (approximately 0.08 USD). The exact price will be determined 48 hours before the start of the IEO based on the price of AUX on the AUX/BTC market on Mercatox.

Instead of directly spending all IEO earnings, we envision we can significantly increase the value of these earnings over the next months by creating a strong cryptocurrency portfolio consisting of 5–7 projects with a bullish short-midterm outlook.

Our idea is to create a solid investment portfolio that will very likely within the next year pay a (IEO and) listing fee on one of the worlds biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. We’re talking about the Nike and Adidas (for instance Bittrex and other exchanges with massive amounts of users worldwide) of cryptocurrency exchanges. We’ve already established contact with a few, and have passed preliminary assessment.

Read more on this IEO & Investment Fund here:

Airdrop promotion AUXL

Socials exploding, token distribution, IEO & listing

Many new users (see image below with for instance our recent amount of Twitter followers) have been welcomed to the Auxilium Global community recently as they participate in the AUXL token airdrop.

The airdrop can be found on Telegram:

Everyone can join the airdrop and can earn $10,- USD worth of AUXL token, plus $1,- USD worth of AUXL tokens for every successful referral.

The AUXL token will be distributed amongst the airdrop participants after the 31st of October (end date airdrop). The aim is to hold an IEO in November 2020 and list the AUXL token on an exchange.

AUXL is a critical utility token that will have true use on the loyalty platform, the marketplace, the charity zone, etc. However, in order to enter the Auxilium Loyalty Platform you’ll need to hold at least 2,500 AUX to ensure your membership.

Auxilium Wallets

Adding TrustWallet & Auxilium Mobile Wallet to the list

Auxilium Global has a very good desktop wallet (paper wallet included) for Windows, MacOS and Linux that supports coins and tokens on the Auxilium blockchain. It also offers all smart contract functionality that you can expect from a fully functioning MainNet independent platform like Auxilium.

We’re also listed on Trezor and MyCrypto. We’ve recently noticed that Trezor is not linked properly to our desktop wallet and MyCrypto (yet). We’ll fix this as soon as possible.

Because applying on TrustWallet is no guarantee for listing, and a mobile wallet is one of our top priorities we’ve taken the step to start development of our own Auxilium Mobile Wallet. The Auxilium Mobile Wallet will be a lite wallet for AUX coin and Auxilium blockchain tokens (like AUXL) that will be made available on Android and iOS. We’re confident we can have this finished before the end of the airdrop (31st October).

You can find our wallets and wallet instruction video’s here:

For support, please go to:

Recent video of CEO explaining short term outlook

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