Artozo – why we believe we will change the NFT world

Have you tried to sell your NFT at least once? We are sure that if you did, then you probably started aging at an accelerated rate. To load an NFT onto one of the platforms, the artist needs to go through several circles of hell, pay fees and pray to all of the gods in the world to get a chance to break even. You won’t envy regular users as well – paid registration, lots of scam, and lack of educational material.

This is why we decided to globally change the game and spend months on the development of our own NFT platform, which will give the market a new beginning. Now we are already at the Presale stage and in a month our platform launches fully. So, what do we do differently? Read along because we have tons of insights for you.

Paying for your friends (we know how it sounds)

Artozo – the first NFT platform in the world with a 10-level I system, which pays for the invites. How does it work? You invite a friend and they become your Referral of Line 1. Next, that person invites their friend, who becomes a Referral of Line 2 for you. That continues up to line 10 – you can earn from 8 to 20% from every user’s transaction, or up to 40% if they purchase a Key.

Apart from the cool Invite Reward Model, we have put staking and the unique art rating system as the cornerstones of Artozo (don’t worry, we will talk about those in a moment). In addition, this is indeed a marketplace for buying/selling NFT arts, where all the features from the already established platforms are also present.

To get access to the enhanced range of features, you will need to buy our access token – the NFT Key. It costs $50, but after the purchase you will be able to take part in the bonus system, staking and receiving Mystery Boxes.

All of the platform’s transactions are conducted in our cryptocurrency – ARTZ tokens. They will have real market value on real external markets. At the initial stage, there will be one DEX, where you will have the possibility to buy and sell the ARTZ tokens. Actually, after earning those on our platform from inviting people, you could convert ARTZ tokens into fiat and also multiply your income after the exchange rate grows.

To get all of those opportunities, it is enough to go through a quick registration and start earning right now. No long verification processes, registration fees, or anything – just register and earn. Easy? As you probably noticed, we are looking for others’ complexities and trying to avoid them on our end, so that users could have a cozy experience on Artzozo 🙂

Presale. Why do you need to start earning now?

If you are reading this article in June-July 2022, then you can consider yourself lucky. It is like scratching a lottery ticket to see 4 winning digits in a row.

Presale is the opportunity for the first users to buy the NFT Key and ARTZ at the lowest price possible. Every invitee, who buys a Key, will bring you 100 AP, which you can in turn exchange for 2000 ARTZ tokens (at the moment it equates to $10, but in a couple of months it will be much more). ARTZ tokens can be bought only when you have a specific allocation amount. For buying your Key you will get an allocation of $50, which you can use to buy tokens. Every invitee, who buys a key, gives you another $50 worth of allocation. The most important thing is that to get an allocation you need to own an NFT Key because otherwise, you won’t be able to receive rewards.

The ARTZ’s starting price during the Presale stage is 0,005$. However, till the end of it, the token is expected to double in price and be registered on DEX at the starting price of 0,01$.

That is why it is most lucrative to buy tokens and invite people during the Presale stage.

Other rewards on the platform (yep, don’t be surprised)

“I am sick of listening about rewards” – you have probably thought. However, we just have to show you all the income sources and opportunities at Artozo. This article won’t be enough to present you with a whole picture. That is why here are some briefs about cool things we didn’t mention.

Rewards without buying the KEY

When users do not buy the NFT Key but invite their friends onto the platform, they still get rewards from a portion of revenues. Every purchase of the NFT Key by the partners of Line 1 will earn the user 20% of the spent amount.


NFT Staking is a dedicated event organized by the platform. Every event has a prize fund – a fixed ARTZ token amount. Users can “freeze” their NFT art during the event and get a portion of the full prize fund depending on the NFT’s price.

ArtUp Boosters

Those upgrade the level of the NFT arts. By applying the booster to the art, you will get it to the next level, which raises its price.

Mystery Box

This is a unique reward for buying NFT arts and taking part in staking events and other activities. The prizes are randomized: NFT arts, ArtUp Boosters, ARTZ tokens, rating votes, etc.

Rewards for inviting artists

By inviting the artist to the platform, you will get a referral bonus of 1,5% of the price of the NFT sold by him/her. For the subsequent sales of that item on the Artozo marketplace, you will get a 0,5% bonus from the price.

Where are all the Artists? We have perfect conditions for you!

We are here for you if you are a talented artist and can’t put your arts up on other platforms due to high fees.

In contrast to the other NFT platforms, we do not take any registration fees. Also, creating an art costs only $2-3 and it is paid after the sale. With each subsequent sale or level upgrade of the item, artists get 2-9% of the translation amount. There are 10 art levels in total. All the NFT arts on the platform have a base price, fixed in the USD. NFT art of a certain level can always cost more, but never less than the base price.

For example, the base price of the art of the 1st level is $40, while for the art of level 10 it is $20,480.

You won’t be able to sell your selfie

One of the drawbacks of the NFT market is the abundance of junk art being put up for sale and valued at crazy amounts of money. As a result, people, who are talented and put a lot of time and effort into their creations, suffer. At the same time, people, who will post a million selfies and a meaningless pic of an empty soda can on the street, will make a killing.

That is why we need to keep a high standard for the quality of the artists and we are conducting manual verification with our internal team. By default, after going through verification, the artists will get the 1st level of trust on Artozo. This allows listing the Arts of the 1st level for sale. If the level is higher, the editorial team will need to permit you to list it. The decision for each piece as well as the trust level upgrade is issued on an individual basis. If the art’s quality and/or authenticity is questioned, any user can file a complaint for us to review. If the suspicions turn out to be true, the piece will be taken off the platform and the artist will be sanctioned.

By the way, we have already opened the registration for artists, so if you think your arts/designs are cool – we are waiting for you!

Perfect place for all parties

As you have already noticed, we created a unique system, where everyone can get a ton of bonuses and benefits – from artists to regular users to anyone sitting in front of the screen and reading this text right now.

Jump onto our platform, buy an NFT Key, and start inviting friends to get all the perks.
Also, visit our socials – Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube. We publish unique content every day and give away free tokens.

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