Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions by lots of crypto traders who never want to lose track of coins and tokens in their portfolio.

1• What are crypto portfolio trackers?

Crypto portfolio trackers are platforms either an application or website that provides an aggregated view of all cryptocurrencies holdings of an investor in one screen irrespective of where they bought them or the exchange that holds them, thereby monitoring the overall activities in the portfolio with ease.

2• Why do I need a crypto portfolio tracker?

With more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence and many more to come, tracking a crypto portfolio and keeping up with all market moves and developments can be very challenging. A portfolio tracker like CoinMarketAlert helps crypto traders track the real-time value of their assets. We provide quick, accurate, and timely information. With our platform, you have access to alerts on 13k+ coins and tokens across all exchanges.

3• How do I track my crypto portfolio?

This can be done by choosing a reputable portfolio tracking tool like ours. We have helped thousands of our users stay on top of their portfolios. The latest news on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies is what we also provide to help users in making good decisions. Get started

4• Is the CoinMarketAlert cryptocurrency alert system free?

YES, it’s free for the first 15 days, this is to give you insight into our services. To enjoy this service continuously, you only need to make an annual subscription. With CoinMarketAlert, you have access to the lowest subscription fee you can ever come across compared to other crypto tracking tools. Why pay $100 or more somewhere else when you can pay $29 only on CoinMarketAlert to access our service for 1 year?

5• How can I set an alert on CoinMarketAlert?

Register on our website, then select from all or some of our numerous alert options and the frequencies at which you want us to alert you and keep you updated. You will receive it via Email, Telegram, Discord, Palmabot, and Webhook. We are currently working on how we can alert users via Whatsapp. Here are alert options you can choose from:

Where on earth can you get all these alert options for as low as $29?
No doubt it’s only from CoinMarketAlert.

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