10 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Of 2022 And Beyond

Crypto portfolio tracker could be a new name for people who trade a few cryptocurrencies, but it is a well-known and a must-use tool for traders who hold several coins and tokens across several exchanges.

Crypto portfolio trackers are platforms either an application or website that provides an aggregated view of all cryptocurrencies holdings of an investor in one screen. This is irrespective of where they bought them or the exchange that holds them, thereby monitoring the overall activities in the portfolio with ease. Traders are often alerted via Email, Telegram, Discord, Webhook, and other platforms of changes in their portfolio.

Not only do crypto portfolio trackers provide portfolio monitoring services alone, but they also help to improve trading precision, and alert users on the latest crypto-related news and community sentiments to help them in trading decision-making.

Read further if you are curious about the best crypto portfolio trackers.


It’s not a brag or a kind of hype, we know our worth. CoinMarketAlert is one of the best and cheapest cryptos and NFT portfolio trackers at the moment. Established in 2017, our platform never allows crypto trader REKT by providing the latest information about market movement and development as well as real-time portfolio tracking systems. We are proud of our fast-growing user base. A publishing right to our platform is a plus for them, this grants them the opportunity to give their project or company the visibility it deserves. CoinMarketAlert is planning to have a Rugged city where traders can send their valueless NFT and get a coupon code in return. We help users with market analysis as well as scouting the latest crypto news for them.

Key points

  • CoinMarketAlert is the only platform which enables users to execute real time trades directly from alerts on over 30 exchanges.
  • Over 250K alerting options broken down into one time alerts, frequency alerts and new data alerts.
    It’s a web-based platform with native mobile apps coming soon.
  • Free version for 15 days.
  • An annual subscription cost $29
  • CoinMarketAlert is very user-friendly, simply built for the user!!!
  • Total user portfolio tracked worth $600 million
  • Provides real-time tracking of 13,000+ coins and tokens.

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Kubera is one of the best wealth trackers you can ever come across, not only that Kubera tracks crypto, stock, and NFTs. It also allows you to track the real-time value of your car, house, website, and other valuable items. It’s one of the costliest portfolio trackers but its users say it is worth its price. Total assets tracked by Kubera are worth about $18 Billion.

Key feature 

  • it auto-sync and you can also add data manually.
  • It has no free version but its 14-day trial cost $1.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It charges $150 per annum.
  • Support over 100 exchanges.
  • Kubera Connects to over 20,000 different banks worldwide.
  • No mobile app at the time of writing this article.

To learn more, visit Kubera


Launched in 2014, FTX was previously known as Blockfolio, not only does this portfolio tracker help to monitor your portfolio, it has other functionalities that enable investors and traders to buy and sell coins of their choice. It provides useful trading information to its users via its tool called ‘Signal’

Key features

  • It cost $0 to use FTX
  • It is available as both an Android and iOS app.
  • It has 6 million+ users
  • It’s available in 200+ countries

visit FTX


Aside from real-time tracking of users’ portfolios it also provides crypto news sourced from various news sites. CoinStat supports 8000+ cryptocurrencies across 70+ platforms. Security is everything, CoinStat uses Military-Grade encryption to safely secure and store users’ data.

Key points

  • CoinStat has 1.2M+ users
  • It has a 7days free trial for new users.
  • It charges $15.99/month and $399 for a lifetime subscription
  • CoinStat track $100Billion worth of cryptocurrency

visit CoinStat


Coinmarketcap is one of the most popular portfolio trackers, it allows users to monitor the price of more than 21,000 cryptocurrencies. CMC pulls that from about 526 crypto exchanges in order to help users with profits, losses, and portfolio valuation. Coinmarketcap is available on the web as well as iOS and android applications.

Just like its name, coinmarketcap provides 24hr volume and market capitalization of each coin. This portfolio tracker takes user privacy seriously.

Key points

  • It offers a feature for risk analysis
  • You can easily add notes.

Visit CoinMarketCap


Delta is an easy-to-use crypto portfolio tracker that supports about 300 exchanges. Apart from crypto, Delta also tracks equities, ETFs, futures, bonds, and funds. With Delta, ICO and token launching teams can set notifications for app users for upcoming launches and ICO tokens. It’s a must-use tool for ICO investors and holders.

Key points

  • Delta is available on iOS apps, Windows, Linux, and others.
  • It has both free and paid version
  • Available in 115 countries
  • Delta is a great tool for day traders
  • Delta charges $60 per annum.

Visit Delta


Established in 2014, CoinGecko is trusted by millions of traders because it provides an unbiased real-time price of cryptocurrencies since it’s an independent cryptocurrency data aggregator. It provides a real-time price of 13,000+ coins across 500+ exchanges. CoinGecko does its tracking process differently in the extent that it tracks project code source, open-source code development, community growth, and other key factors that may influence the value of a particular coin.

Key points

  • It has a both free and paid version
  • CoinGecko is available as an iOS and android application
  • A reward called “candies” is given to users each day for logging in. Candies can be used to purchase items (book) on the website.

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Cryptocompare is more than just a portfolio tracker. It gives market insights into different exchanges and crypto news to its users thereby assisting them in decision-making. Cryptocompare is one of the best places to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general.

Key points

  • Cryptocompare provides a real-time price of 5000 coins
  • Available as an android and iOS app
  • It charges $0 (free version)

Visit Cryptocompare


Established in 2013, CoinTracking does detailed charting and analysis and tracks cost basis as well as capital gains and can be used to report taxes. It supports 110 exchanges.

Key points

  • The free version is available
  • CoinTracking has 1.2M+ users
  • Total assets tracked worth $41.5B
  • Not that beginner friendly
  • Can easily share your data with a crypto tax advisor
  • Pro user pays $11 per month
  • CoinTracking unlimited version cost $55 per month
  • Available as an android and iOS app.

Visit CoinTracking


Founded ion 2019, Koinly is a cryptocurrency tax software platform and crypto portfolio tracker used by hundreds of thousands of crypto investors and accountants globally. Investors and traders at all levels use Koinly to track realized and unrealized gains and losses, view market price and performance by each crypto holding, and optimize their tax position. Koinly is a multi-tasking, free portfolio tracker on which to view your crypto holdings in the fiat currency of your choice, track how much fiat you’re holding on exchanges and access a breakdown of asset performance and overall portfolio performance.

Key points

  • Koinly offers  700+ integrations to cryptocurrency platforms, including over 400 Exchanges, 100 Wallets, and 170 Blockchains
  • With an average of 4.7 stars from over 800+ reviews, Koinly is consistently one of the highest-rated crypto tax platforms on TrustPilot
  • Koinly’s free plan allows you to track your crypto portfolio 24/7 with up to 10,000 transactions across an unlimited number of wallets
  • Using AI to match and tag your transactions, Koinly’s platform matches your transactions on the blockchain saving you hours of manual tagging
  • Koinly has a dedicated accountant platform, so you can work with your accountant to get your track your portfolio and get crypto taxes done
  • Calculate crypto taxes and download comprehensive profit and loss or tax reports compliant in over 100 countries

Visit Koinly


Are crypto portfolio trackers safe to use?

Yes, crypto portfolio trackers are safe to use because they can only read the data you connected them to, they cannot execute trades or make transfers from your wallet. However, take precautions, and on no account should you release keys to their crypto wallets.

How to select the best portfolio tracker

The availability of several portfolio trackers with similar functionalities has made the selection process complex. However, traders can select based on their interests as it is best to choose a tracker that serves the purpose of its need and is easy to use and that’s where CoinMarketAlert comes in.

What is the best crypto portfolio tracker?

CoinMarketAlert, Kubera, FTX, CoinStat, Coinmarketcap, Delta, CoinGecko,  Cryptocompare, and CoinTracking are the best available options for you can choose from.

What is the Importance of a crypto portfolio tracker?

Due to crypto volatility, it is always difficult to accurately predict what will happen in the next few minutes. To not lose out on trading opportunities and know the real-time value of your holdings it is important to track your portfolio.


With over 21,000+ Crypto coins and tokens already in existence, tracking your investments and keeping up with all market moves and developments is very challenging. Quick, accurate, and timely information is what traders need to become successful, and it’s no doubt that the only source of this is crypto portfolio trackers. Traders that have portfolios spread across several exchanges need not think twice before subscribing to one of the best crypto portfolio trackers mentioned above.

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